Kaiser SCPMG Digital Marketing

How an omni-channel approach boosted physician recruitment


Kaiser SCPMG (Southern California Permanente Medical Group) is a physician-led, patient-centered organization that is aimed at transforming health care in America. They provide high-quality, affordable and convenient healthcare to more than 4 million members—a collection of individuals that reflects the vibrant ethnic and cultural diversity of the region.


SCPMG is an outstanding place to practice medicine, offering physicians rewarding opportunities in research, medical education and humanitarian efforts. Yet despite its many advantages, the group faced significant recruitment challenges, particularly in regards to filling niche job positions.


Strategy, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Programmatic, Content (Design, Copywriting), Responsive Website Design and Development, Analytics




Rhythm developed an omni-channel digital marketing strategy that engaged talented physician specialists on a national level and significantly increased qualified applicants.


Rhythm’s omni-channel digital marketing approach was just what the doctor ordered.


increase in site visits YoY


the number of job applications (+101%)


increase in page views YoY

It Starts With A Plan

Doctors don’t enter the operating room without a plan. Neither does Rhythm.

In the case of SCPMG, it was imperative to understand their various audiences. After all, these were far more than “physicians looking for jobs.”

Our research led to the creation of three primary candidate personas:
Young Resident, Chief Resident, and Fellow.

Each persona was tailored to the unique wants and needs of its particular audience. For instance, Young Residents were seeking supportive colleagues and a friendly work culture while Chief Residents were primarily interested in leadership opportunities and academic environments.

While all three personas shared similarities, the differences between them allowed us to develop highly-tailored messaging that extolled the benefits of a career with SCPMG.

Mapping The Journey

Once the personas were created, we then mapped out the candidate journey, which included: Anticipating, Researching, Considering, Applying, Interviewing, Deciding, Transition, and Start Date. Understanding this journey helped us to identify contact/insertion opportunities via various digital channels (e.g. search, email, SMS, landing pages, social media, ads).

Optimizing For Organic

In conjunction with a new communications strategy, SCPMG also asked us to help them grow relevant and qualified traffic to their website, scpmgphysiciancareers.com.

To meet their goal we implemented a number of SEO initiatives including the identification of priority keywords, creation of metadata descriptions, and installation of various keyword tracking tools as well as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Getting Social

Because everyone has their favorite online social network (including doctors), Rhythm developed a strategy to translate SCPMG’s brand voice online and maximize the effectiveness of their social channels.

Our efforts helped SCPMG remain visible, accessible and relevant to new recruits in the social space.

The detailed strategy we developed also continues to provide SCPMG a roadmap to follow regarding targeted messaging, engagement and measurement.

Attracting Candidates

Paid search and programmatic campaigns were also created to drive quality prospects to specialty pages within the SCPMG website.

Once landing on these pages (which were also created by Rhythm), prospects could learn more about the organization and the many benefits of a career with SCPMG. They could also easily apply for available positions.

Maximizing Paid & Programmatic

On the paid search side, we targeted all of the U.S. and organized our efforts by specialty and region. We created generic campaigns for “physician job/career” type searches as well as targeted messaging related to search queries. We also retargeted prospects using email addresses provided to us by SCPMG.

Our programmatic efforts were also conducted nationwide and focused on job titles that included Physicians, Residents and Fellows. We targeted specific website activity (e.g. engaging with doccafe.com and doximity.com), as well as interaction with competitor websites such as careermd.com.

Contextual keyword targeting, geofencing hospitals within specific regions, and the leveraging of CRM data for retargeting and look-a-like audiences were also employed to great effect.