Hoag is an award-winning nationally recognized regional healthcare network in Orange County, California that treats nearly 30,000 inpatients and 425,000 outpatients annually. Hoag selected Rhythm to strengthen the network's brand, recruit talent and create more efficiencies through an integrated digital approach.

The first step - a website overhaul to deliver a more engaging experience for Hoag's patients and staff. New user-friendly navigation, simplified content framework, the incorporation of a doctor-locator tool and online bill pay immediately increased site traffic. Rhythm also designed and managed numerous paid search campaigns promoting Hoag's various specialty care institutes that resulted in greater click-through rates and more qualified leads.

To help recruit top talent into Hoag's network, Rhythm created a physician marketing and activation program providing healthcare professionals with valuable resources and educational courses. Rhythm then bridged traditional with digital designing an alternative to Hoag's printed newsletter. The solution involved the creation of a digital newsletter section on Hoag's website where recipients of the mailed piece could access more detailed content. Readers were encouraged to subscribe to the digital version of the newsletter and opt-out of the printed version. The results were significant – reducing yearly printing expenses by approximately 10% ($40,000 in annual savings). 

To support Hoag's paid search and display campaigns, Rhythm created six responsive landing pages, each addressing a specific medical issue. We then developed a series of personalized questions to engage the user and funnel them to the landing page that best addressed their immediate needs. These questions also allowed us to better track the effectiveness of Hoag's paid search and display ad campaigns. These customized landing pages resulted in a 40% increase in patient-specific traffic with a 30% decrease in bounce rate.


And The Vitals?

The design and development of dedicated landing page campaigns tied to paid media and moving more traditional print efforts to digital proved not only effective but also provided great cost savings. 


increase in traffic


annual savings 


decrease in bounce rate