CultWine is the world's ultimate source for rare and vintage "cult wines". They needed a unique way to directly connect with their highly-educated and extremely passionate client base. How'd they do it? They uncorked the power of Rhythm. 

Rhythm conducted discovery, designed the concept and developed the application using native iOS. The Black List application distinguishes itself by offering an engaging experience in which users can browse the selection of wines by varietal or vineyard. Detailed wine information including ratings, tasting notes and specs allows users to make educated wine purchases. Users are also able to sign up for The Black List newsletter from anywhere within the application, allowing CultWine to further connect with their customers.

Along the way we faced considerable design and technical challenges, but succeeded in creating a scalable solution with the flexibility to accommodate both small and large venues. The interface is crisp and clean, featuring compelling visual graphics and an easy-to-use navigation system. 

And the ratings are in. This stunning application is currently being featured in entertainment venues and restaurants throughout the country - and like the wines it features, the Black List continues to age quite well.