TTC White Label Design System Platform

How travel dreams were fulfilled across seven continents


With a family of 40 award-winning travel and hospitality brands that span 70 countries, TTC (The Travel Corporation) provides travel experiences of a lifetime to thousands of vacationers each year. For over a century they’ve been deeply committed to the idea of sustainably exploring our incredible world as part of a global community.


TTC promotes guided vacations from many of its brands (e.g. Trafalgar, Contiki, CostSaver, Luxury Gold, and Brendan Vacations) through dedicated web pages on the Costco Travel website. However, they were poorly designed, difficult to navigate and generally uninspiring. TTC desperately needed a white-label solution that would allow its various brands to better connect with new and returning customers.


UX / UI Design




Rhythm created an innovative white label design system platform that TTC could easily modify for other partner sites like AAA, ACG and Online Vacation Center.

This plug-and-play platform now lets them quickly launch a variety of dynamic travel websites into new markets across the globe.