Acura Conquest Program

How shifting attention turbocharged engagement


Since its historic introduction in 1986 as the world’s first Japanese automotive luxury brand, Acura has earned a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking. The company’s trailblazing ethos also extends to the digital marking front, where it continuously searches for groundbreaking ways to reach new audiences and build the Acura brand.


Today’s car shoppers are far less brand loyal than in the past and are open to exploring new automotive badges. This presented an opportunity for Acura to showcase its brand and vehicle lineup to audiences initially interested in luxury competitors like Audi, BMW and Lexus. To make Acura vehicles attractive to enthusiasts of competitor luxury brands, they needed a way to intercept these individuals during the consideration phase of their purchase journeys.


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Rhythm developed a highly successful Conquest Program that introduced Acura vehicles to thousands of new customers and generated significant engagement.


By providing helpful information to new audiences in unexpected ways, Acura’s Conquest Program achieved incredible results.


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Driven By Search

Automotive shoppers typically begin the buying process with just a few brands in mind. They then conduct research online before narrowing their choices and visiting a dealership.

Using competitor branded keywords and content, Rhythm intercepted automotive shoppers during their online searches and invited them to compare their preferred luxury vehicle against an Acura model within the same class.

YouTube? You Bet

Searches could also be conducted within YouTube, where attractive visuals for “Acura vs competitors” served as powerful calls-to-action and invited further engagement.

YouTube Cards proved highly effective, particularly on mobile devices.

Designed To Deliver

Once automotive shoppers engaged with either organic or paid search results, they were taken to specially-designed landing pages created by Rhythm. Here they could easily compare and contrast their initial luxury vehicle of choice (Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti) to an Acura within the same class using detailed specs, options and pricing information.

Inviting Action

To move shoppers down the purchase funnel, prominent calls-to-action invited visitors to build and price an Acura vehicle, view additional specs, and explore special offers. Visitors could also request a quote or find a dealer directly from each landing page.

Lights, Camera, Acura

Head-to-head comparison videos were also a key component of Acura’s Conquest Program and were featured prominently on all landing pages. Filmed at Acura’s production studio in Los Angeles as well as their test track in the Mojave Desert, these Rhythm-created videos included vehicle comparisons along with driving impressions.
They could also be discovered via organic video search and continue to be prominently featured on

Getting Social

Short social intercept videos (:15 and :30) were produced by Rhythm using footage from our head-to-head comparison videos. They were used in targeted posts across social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and featured on Acura’s social media channels.

Because of their short duration, one or two key features were promoted from the following categories: Performance, Styling, Technology, and Design.