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How a moving experience helped people see the forest for the trees


The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) advocates for America’s private working forest owners, who range from individuals and families to small and large businesses. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., NAFO is committed to advancing federal policies that support the long-term economic, social and environmental benefits of sustainably managed privately-owned forests and the 2.5 million jobs they help support.


With a new presidential administration in power, a renewed focus has been placed on combatting climate change, particularly America’s efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. NAFO’s members—who strongly support programs that advance the contributions of forests and forest products in climate policy—have a vital role to play in America’s carbon reduction efforts. However, explaining the climate mitigation benefits of cutting down trees (a counterintuitive notion for many), presented them with quite the challenge.

To complicate matters, the numerous facts and figures that support their impressive claims are, well, complicated.


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So how do you distill a complex narrative into a simple story...?

By trimming the tree.


Rhythm collaborated extensively with NAFO’s communications team to produce an engaging interactive storytelling page (ISP) with smart messaging that helped key audiences (congressional aides and policymakers) see the forest for the trees.

Providing custom design, copywriting and development, we created an enjoyable learning experience grounded in hard data. By cutting through the clutter to reveal the clear truth, what was once unimaginable to many users became undeniable:

Private working forests are a natural climate solution that must be valued and supported.

I’ve spent the last three hours on the phone and responding to texts, voicemails and emails with compliment after compliment on how great the ISP is looking. Now THIS is the kind of feedback deluge I’m happy to get.

Kate Gatto

Vice President for Communications

National Alliance of Forest Owners