Jacuzzi Website Redesign

How digital immersion heated up brand engagement


Legendary for performance and reliability, Jacuzzi is the most recognized name in the hot tub industry. When Jacuzzi came to Rhythm to redevelop their website along with the website for sister brand Sundance® Spas, we jumped in feet first.


Initially, the websites for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Sundance® Spas were lacking when it came to delivering a captivating and memorable user experience. Both sites were running on old technology, the user paths were unclear and the PHP-based backend system was unstable causing slow load times and site speeds. And, an explosion in mobile traffic was not helping matters. Jacuzzi knew they were in some hot water and needed to make changes. 


Strategy, User Experience (UX) Design, Responsive Website Design and Development, Content (Design, Copywriting)


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After a thorough discovery process, we realized that technical challenges were just the beginning; the online experience for both brands was driven by industry practices that didn’t speak to current customer needs.

Rhythm crafted a customer-focused content strategy that fostered education while complimenting the gravity of the commitment with subtle engagements to help customers connect with a dealer as they continued to learn and prepare for hot tub ownership. Buyers guides and a category-defining pricing module were implemented to further inform purchase decisions and have doubled the number of quality lead conversions.

With a solid content strategy developed, the next task centered around the user journey, understanding the path to purchase and ensuring website behavior tracking and lead-conversion funnels would be measured and used to determine lead quality and attribution.

Multi-domain, multi-region, multi-language websites were then developed that could be edited by content managers across divisions, capable of handling millions of visitors per month and scalable for future expansion. Get more details surrounding this website build

Thanks to Rhythm’s strategy and analytics team, designers, and experienced Umbraco developers, we were not only able to deliver upon the client’s requirements but were able to provide direction on UX, functionality, lead-conversion mapping and more to create the ultimate user experience. Ongoing site analytics tied to website refinements have increased customer satisfaction, driven more quality leads and have resulted in greater sales.