Dekra-Lite E-commerce Website

How a customer-focused approach generated online magic


Dekra-Lite, Inc. has been a trusted leader in the commercial Christmas industry since 1987. Located in Orange County, California, they decorate hundreds of commercial properties, shopping centers, amusement parks, and cities each year, spreading holiday magic across the country.


For a company that sells wonder and joy, Dekra-Lite’s website was a big downer. It was uninspiring, confusing to navigate and technologically outdated. The site was primarily geared toward just one audience and wasn’t set up to market their brand or products. Visitors also found the online buying experience to be cumbersome and frustrating.


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Focusing intently on the particular needs of Dekra-Lite’s three key audiences, Rhythm created a captivating and dynamic e-commerce website that excited visitors and positioned the company for future growth.

Ho, Ho, Hold The Presses!

Before imagining a new website we first needed to identify and prioritize Dekra-Lite’s different online audiences. With input from the client, Rhythm’s strategy team keyed in on three customer types:

1. Commercial Businesses

2. Retail Shoppers

3. Distributors & Resellers

We then crafted the site’s user experience around these groups. Starting from the homepage, messaging acknowledges and welcomes Dekra-Lite’s different audience segments and directs them to specific landing pages dedicated to their unique needs and requirements.

Styled with Spirit

Dekra-Lite is literally in business to make the holiday season merry and special. Their new website needed to reflect this magical spirit. We accomplished this feat with whimsical design and copy that brought the brand to life.

From bright colors and playful icons to Santa’s sleigh as the checkout cart, little touches here and there made a big difference.

Eye-catching landscape and portrait-style photography were also used to elevate the website’s new look and add a sense of scale and grandeur.

Positioned to Sell

Dekra-Lite offers unique Christmas decorations and decor that can’t be found elsewhere—and retail customers have taken notice. To improve the online shopping experience, we analyzed Dekra-Lite’s internal capabilities and strategically transitioned the company to Shopify.

This e-commerce platform is robust, easy to use, has plenty of available plug-ins, and can grow with the company. The site’s search and filtering capabilities have also been enhanced, enabling visitors to locate their favorite items with ease.

Impactful CTAs were also incorporated across the website and a frictionless checkout experience was developed. To help support Dekra-Lite’s marketing initiatives, we set up and optimized Google Tag Manager as part of the website redesign.

Doing it for the Gram

In the digital age, social media is used by consumers of all ages to discover new brands, products and services. For Dekra-Lite, Instagram is a particularly natural fit. As a visually-driven social app, it’s a perfect showcase for the awe-inspiring holiday displays and experiences the company creates. Many of their social posts also feature on-location imagery that captures the authenticity and magic often missing from overly-produced photography.

To better highlight Dekra-Lite’s stunning visuals, we incorporated their Instagram feed directly into the new website itself. It’s a wonderful way to share the Christmas spirit year-round while generating audience engagement. And since many of their social posts include people marveling at stunning holiday displays, it adds personality and excitement to the site.

Oh What Fun!

Dekra-Lite’s new e-commerce website is spreading the holiday magic across cyberspace. Engaging, helpful and easy to navigate, it’s been enthusiastically embraced by the company and its customers.