Breezeline Website

Strengthening the Signal From a Cable Company to Its Customers


Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) is the 8th largest cable operator in the U.S., providing TV, Internet and phone services to over 700,000 broadband customers in 12 states. The organization recently changed its name in the wake of acquisitions that extended its reach beyond the East Coast.

The Challenge

As a newly rebranded company, Breezeline needed to reassure its current customers and attract new ones with messaging that emphasized its enhanced products, services and support. It also wanted to present a friendly and inviting digital experience with a fresh look that reflected those changes.


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The Solution

Rhythm reimagined Breezeline’s digital experience, greatly improving the appearance, tone, usefulness and accessibility of the company’s website and digital communications.

Our efforts helped to make Breezeline’s online presence more attractive and approachable to current customers and new audiences.

Creative Strategy

Working within defined parameters and collaborating closely with Stagwell partners Kettle, Assembly, Harris X and KWT, Rhythm embarked on a complete overhaul of Breezeline’s website and emails that addressed the needs of current and new residential and business customers.

Getting the Right Look

Rhythm focused on providing relatable lifestyle imagery of families and familiar domestic scenes, and we created fresh iconography to complement the existing site design.
We also introduced bright new brand colors that were ADA compliant and streamlined the user experience and user interface.

Letting the Customer Take Charge

We helped Breezeline launche a series of new customer care initiatives, including enhanced self-service options, a new online experience and simplified, transparent pricing. Those features had to be weaved into the project organically and presented in ways that maximized their benefits.

For example, a graphic explaining WiFi Your Way Home, a technology that improves connectivity for domestic users, employed a cutaway view of a multi-storey house to demonstrate the reach, versatility and capabilities of the new service.

Demystifying Speed Needs

A lot of internet users find the details of internet speed confusing and aren’t sure what speed they need. Rhythm devised a quiz that allowed Breezeline customers to quickly evaluate their internet speed requirements.

The quiz presented three simple questions that determined their internet use, the number of internet users in their family, and the size of their home. Their answers steered customers to recommendations most appropriate to their needs. The quiz aligns with Breezeline’s more customer-centric approach, providing solutions instead of just selling products.

Adding More Flow to the Buyflow

One of the most significant challenges of the project involved improving Breezeline’s buyflow, the process that enables its customers to make decisions regarding the purchase of home phone, internet and TV services.

Rhythm identified several problem areas by meticulously mapping the buyflow to pinpoint and highlight those weak spots by addressing problems areas, and align Business Goals with User Needs.

We isolated confusing terms and decision points that led to abandoned carts, then suggested solutions to improve re-engagement. We proposed targeted emails for customers who dropped off at various points in the buyflow, using persuasive tools such as special offers to re-engage them. Our buyflow analysis also identified customers’ areas of greatest interest — a vital marketing asset.

Keeping it real throughout the year

Rhythm created a series of 12 emails that informed and engaged Breezeline’s new customers throughout the calendar year. The purpose was to emphasize Breezeline’s caring and customer-centered approach, make them aware of new and existing products and services, and answer their questions, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

The e-mails to new customers divided into three content pillars:

Making Breezeline Breezier

Rhythm’s website redesign greatly improved Breezeline’s goal of telling customers and potential customers why it’s the best choice for their Internet needs. The regularly scheduled emails also keep new and existing customers engaged throughout the year, advising them of changes and describing new benefits and services as soon as they become available.


Breezeline’s new digital experience was quickly embraced by new and existing customers. The website conversion rate increased 26.3% in the first quarter after launch. Revenue (+8.23%) and total transactions (+7.85%) also notched big gains. 


website conversion rate increase


Revenue Increase


Increase in total transactions