Allsup Digital Marketing

How an omni-channel approach boosted inbound leads


Allsup, LLC is a 35-year-old company with a history of innovation with SSDI benefits for disabled employees and their employers and insurers. These innovations have brought significant success in partnership with the disability insurance industry as well as name recognition and credibility throughout the Social Security Administration and on Capitol Hill.

Yet despite being a market innovator and leader, Allsup had never aggressively or successfully entered the more profitable consumer space, affording competition to command ⅔ of the market.


In an effort to break into the consumer space, Allsup had undertaken a myriad of internal and external efforts that created an inefficient and highly fractured digital marketing landscape.

Multiple brands and sub brands existed, creating confusion and distrust among Allsup’s audiences. Their digital web properties were not optimized for users or for mobile. Business decisions were being made from analytics data that was not properly set up or reporting performance. Paid Search efforts were not using impactful current best practices. Allsup’s digital properties also had a breadth of accessibility issues—a thorn in the side of a brand serving disabled users.

The aforementioned issues and overall poor performance led to directional paralysis, forcing Allsup to actually consider starting over from scratch at the expense of reducing inbound revenue generating leads.


Analytics, Content Strategy, Strategy, Content (Design, Copywriting), User Experience (UX) Design, Responsive Website Design and Development, Copywriting, Paid Search




Initially looking for a media partner but open to something more, Rhythm quickly dove headfirst into Allsup’s digital landscape creating a comprehensive and comprehensible tiered approach that kept the revenue generating lead pipeline flowing while laying out a plan for exponential future growth.

Rhythm’s approach was:

  1. Immediately and properly setup analytics to accurately measure current, future, and past performance
  2. Initiate “quick wins” best practices in Paid Search to instantly improve ROI
  3. Create user and mobile optimized landing pages that increased qualified leads and provided a testbed for ongoing A/B testing of messaging and capturing user info
  4. Concurrently develop an Omni-Channel Strategic Marketing Plan leveraging in-the-moment learnings to establish a path forward into the consumer space through aggressive awareness and qualified lead generation
  5. Implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan’s roadmap