AllCare Health Website Design

How a dynamic website helped a new brand connect online


AllCare Health is an integrated health organization headquartered in Southern Oregon.
Owned and led by community physicians, they strive to make healthcare better and simpler for the people they serve—both in the real world and the digital one.


AllCare recently reorganized their numerous health plans and services under a single brand entity called AllCare Health, Inc. As part of the reorganization effort, they needed to consolidate six public-facing websites (each with a different look and feel) into a single digital property that could connect with a wide range of audiences.


Strategy, UX / UI Design, Copywriting, Responsive Website Design and Development, Analytics, Content Strategy




Rhythm created an engaging and intuitive new website that greatly improved the customer experience across device types, attracted new members, and strengthened the newly created AllCare Health brand.

From Many To One

Every website project presents a unique set of challenges, but when six websites and a new brand name are involved, there is a lot to consider…

A Brand In Transition

A new brand identity was being developed while we started on the new website. To add to the challenge, AllCare’s new brand standards were focused on traditional marketing messaging and failed to address digital applications.

A clear digital design system was missing.

Developing A Crucial Digital Design System

To streamline design and development, Rhythm created a digital design system for AllCare. This complete and organized collection of shared page elements and modules (in both design and code) enabled us to:

  • Build digital products faster
  • Improve company collaboration
  • Eliminate code redundancy and development debt

Starting Small

An online presence was needed to successfully introduce and explain the new AllCare Health brand to the community without delay.

So Rhythm swiftly created and launched a new microsite while the main website was still being planned.

The digital design system helped us quickly launch the temporary microsite and paved the way for the creation of the new AllCare Health website. The microsite kept AllCare Health’s three main service lines (AllCare CCO – Medicaid plan; AllCare Advantage – Medicare plan; and AllCare PEBB – Public Employee plan) visible and accessible to the public during Open Enrollment periods. It also helped AllCare Health establish SEO credibility and longevity on their new URL.

Knowing The Audience

Before creating the new AllCare website, we needed to know and understand the audience, which largely included current and future customers as well as AllCare team members.

Our research led to the development of eight unique user personas that helped guide the creation of specific website content and navigational paths.

Being Helpful

In the case of AllCare Health’s new website, it was absolutely crucial to create a user experience that allowed their different audiences to quickly and easily access highly-tailored health and wellness information.

One of the ways we achieved this was by developing a section-specific search wizard. By clicking “Need Help” in the upper right corner of each webpage, a search wizard opened to present the user with a series of questions. Once answered, a list of helpful links and pages was presented.

Search Wizard

This tool was fully editable in the website’s content management system (CMS) and could be configured to give different site sections their own search wizards, further enhancing AllCare Health’s ability to target multiple audiences.

Making Search Simple

Sophisticated search tools around the site helped visitors quickly find a doctor, locate a facility, or search a formulary.

These tools had their own set of filters and search options so they could be tailored to different site sections (e.g. Medicaid, Medicare, Doctors & Providers, Articles & Events).

Addressing Accessibility

And of course, we focused on making the new site highly accessible to visitors with disabilities.

For instance, we created a plugin that showed the reading level of any text entered into the site to ensure it could be understood by those with limited reading abilities. The site was also easily navigable via keyboard for visually impaired visitors.


Rhythm was just what the doctor ordered.
Since the soft launch, overall traffic increased 15% and organic traffic jumped nearly 30%.


increase in overall traffic


increase in organic traffic