AllCare Health Digital Marketing

How an omni-channel approach boosted Medicare enrollments


AllCare Health is an integrated health organization headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon. Owned and led by community physicians, they strive to make healthcare better and simpler for the people they serve – both in the real world and the digital one. In addition to the AllCare IPA (Independent Physician Association), the organization also offers comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid plans to individuals in Southern Oregon.


Open Enrollment offers the only chance for individuals enrolled in Medicare to change their health plans for the next year. This short period of time (typically mid-October to early December) is exceedingly important to AllCare Health as it accounts for the majority of their annual enrollments (both new and returning plan members). To help AllCare’s Open Enrollment close strong, they needed to cut through the clutter with surgical precision.


Strategy, Paid Search, Social Media, Programmatic, Content (Design, Copywriting), Responsive Website Design and Development, Analytics




Rhythm pursued an omni-channel digital marketing approach that connected with consumers and significantly increased total enrollments.


Collectively, all paid media campaigns drove over 12.8 million impressions and over 38,800 clicks to promote AllCare’s Medicare Open Enrollment Period.

Overall sessions grew nearly 140% and new users nearly doubled YOY compared to prior Open Enrollment, indicating all paid media channels provided tremendous lift in driving traffic to AllCare’s sites.




increase in sessions


new users

A Short Time To Shine

Medicare Open Enrollment is a short window of time (typically 50 to 60 days) that offers the only chance for individuals enrolled in Medicare to change their health plans for the upcoming year.

That makes this section of the calendar (and the days, weeks and months leading up to it) exceedingly important for AllCare Health.

A Plan Takes Shape

For the 2019 Medicare Open Enrollment Period, we executed a successful digital campaign leveraging learnings from our discovery and strategy efforts for the AllCare Health website.

In conjunction with traditional marketing like radio, print and outdoor, Rhythm’s digital initiatives included paid search, social media, digital radio, and programmatic.

Getting Creative

Rhythm started by developing a landing page design specifically tailored to AllCare’s 65+ target audience, which incorporated existing creative messaging centered around Medicare Open Enrollment. To deliver on time and on budget, Rhythm was able to utilize existing widgets within the AllCare Health site.

Being Helpful

First and foremost, the landing page needed to be helpful, understandable and easy to navigate. After all, choosing a Medicare plan that fits one’s exact needs is not an easy task. To help mitigate the challenge, Rhythm created a “Medicare Concierge.” When clicked, this “Help Me Choose” button featured a logic tree of questions designed to narrow down the plan best for someone looking for Medicare coverage.

Along with a tool to help users choose the plan best fit for them, the landing page also featured strong CTAs encouraging visitors to call for help or be contacted by an AllCare associate.

Driving Traffic

Of course, a landing page—no matter how well conceived—is useless without traffic. Rhythm was able to take AllCare’s Open Enrollment learnings from the past to create a successful strategy. Pursuing an omni-channel approach, we divided the budget among these channels based on previous performance.

Our targeting of the campaigns was very granular, limited to those 65+ in age and geographically targeted to the 3 counties AllCare Health serves:

Designing To Deliver

Rhythm produced engaging gif banners urging users to visit the AllCare website for Medicare information or simply to sign up.


Rhythm also helps AllCare Health deliver messaging throughout the year, particularly via paid media and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This allows them to maintain top of mind awareness and “soften the playing field” when the time comes for more action-oriented messaging, like signing up for a better Medicare plan. Real world evidence points to the success of this tactic.


For instance, in the case of our Facebook ads, returning visitors made up more than one third of all conversions. This indicates a brand affinity or loyalty once users have engaged with AllCare.


Per CMS guidelines, healthcare providers are unable to advertise Open Enrollment until 2 weeks prior to the start date.

To prepare for Open Enrollment, Rhythm launched a branded programmatic campaign a month prior to the Open Enrollment launch date to remind the target audience of AllCare Health’s presence. This campaign featured branded banners developed by Rhythm.

It’s also important to note that frequency matters. In reviewing the user journeys for our programmatic efforts, we found that most conversions took place between 30 to 60 days, indicating users took their time in researching and deciding their best options. In fact, one third of these conversions took place after users saw the ads 50+ times!