Zo Skin Health Marketing

How omni-channel paid media drove beautiful results


Founded by renowned skincare expert, Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health provides physicians and patients with the world’s most innovative and effective skin health solutions. Since its creation in 2007, this impressive company has attracted millions of passionate customers and skin health professionals across the globe.


With the skincare industry valued at $123.8 billion and increasing by 13% last year in the US alone, ZO Skin Health felt a need to quickly get in front of their customers, educate them on product science and position itself as a leader in the industry.


Analytics, Content Strategy, Discovery, Social Strategy & Training, Paid Media, SEO


Utilizing an omni-channel paid media approach featuring targeted messaging, Rhythm transformed ZO Skin Health into a global player online and greatly expanded the brand’s customer base.



YoY online sales


increase in organic traffic


in online transactions

Ensuring Success

While ZO’s brand reputation has always been exceptional, their digital strategy was failing to connect with audiences online. So they turned to Rhythm for a paid media solution. Before we even started strategizing, our first order of business was ensuring ZO’s website was stable, secure and ready to handle higher traffic volumes.

Building A Strong Foundation

We began by migrating ZO’s e-commerce website to a hosting environment that better supported their existing content management system. This not only improved stability and security, it also helped increase the site’s overall performance.

Rhythm then restructured the website from an SEO perspective, including the implementation of high-performing keywords, title tags and meta descriptions to boost site rankings.

Digital Design System

We also created a Digital Design System that encapsulated ZO’s brand identity assets—from basic typography and color palette to the design of UI components such as CTA buttons.

This valuable tool helped ensure a cohesive interface design across numerous online channels and campaigns.

A Plan Takes Shape

With ZO’s website optimized for success, Rhythm then created a series of comprehensive paid media campaigns that targeted audiences via paid search, programmatic display, and social media. Our team also developed the ad designs and messaging.

Paid Search

Our paid search ads primarily highlighted the key differences between ZO Skin Health and competitors. We leveraged core branded keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo! due to ZO’s strong name recognition. We also ran campaigns on industry-specific keywords and competitor terms to increase brand awareness and market share.

Shopping campaigns were developed to showcase all of ZO’s products at once, allowing customers to view the entire inventory and directly visit product-specific pages. We also leveraged ZO’s CRM data to target previous customers and reach lookalike audiences. These efforts helped generate additional sales and revenue.

Programmatic Display

Our programmatic efforts featured product-driven and seasonal messaging that was highly targeted to specific demographic data (gender, age, household income, etc.). Visitors to the ZO website and visitors to competitor sites were also targeted.

We even leveraged contextual keyword targeting (what potential customers were searching that was relevant to ZO). These efforts enabled us to efficiently reach a variety of receptive audiences.

Social Media

Like our programmatic ads, our social media efforts were highly targeted and product-focused. Through Facebook and Instagram we delivered messaging to individuals who visited the ZO website but didn’t make a purchase. These ads were specifically tailored to the products users were interested in and the pages they visited.

We were also able to reach new users based on existing CRM data (segmented by product sales, frequency of purchases and location).

Social media proved particularly effective during peak sales times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These were the biggest sales days of the year for ZO and the only time promotions and deals were offered.

Carousel Ads

We also created a series of carousel ads that proved highly successful.

Instead of sharing a single image, we could present 3 or 4. This helped us feature multiple products in one post and led to higher engagement rates.

You have no idea how much I appreciate this. This really does take our social media to the next level and makes us look like the global player we are instead of a mom and pop shop that is all scattered.

Amy Peterson

Marketing Director

ZO Skin Health