Acura Video Production

How going full throttle attracted new fans


Acura has produced world-class vehicles to exacting detail for more than three decades. This same dedication to precision is also present in the company’s approach to integrated digital marketing, particularly the use of targeted online video to inform and inspire the brand’s various audiences.


Today’s car shoppers regularly conduct their research online before visiting dealerships. They’re also far more open to exploring new automotive badges. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Acura to showcase its brand and vehicle lineup to receptive new audiences.


Photography & Video Production, Storyboarding, Script Development, On-Site Coordination, Talent Coaching & Management, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Enhancement, Music Selection, Video Production




To help Acura stay in front of potential buyers, Rhythm created informative and engaging video content that spanned seamlessly across digital channels.

Our efforts have resonated with Acura’s customers and prospects, and established us as the brand’s premier partner for online video production.

Rhythm has produced four types of online videos to guide future Acura buyers along their purchase journeys. While each video type has a unique strategic focus, they all share a similar style to maintain familiarity.

1. Head-to-Head Comparison Videos

Head-to-head comparison videos are a key part of Acura’s Interception Program, a marketing initiative that invites automotive shoppers to compare luxury competitors (e.g. Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus) against an Acura model within the same class. They’re designed to introduce the features and benefits of Acura vehicles to buyers initially interested in other automotive brands.

Filmed at Acura’s production studio in Los Angeles and their test track in the Mojave Desert, these videos include vehicle comparisons along with driving impressions.

These videos can be found via paid and organic search.
They are also featured prominently on, which give visitors access to detailed specs, options and pricing information on the Acura and competitor vehicles.

2. Walk-Around Videos

These videos showcase a specific Acura vehicle from the inside out.

Hosted by the same actor from our head-to-head videos, they highlight key features and attributes that make each Acura model uniquely desirable.

Our walk-around videos play a key role in the shopping process and are prominently located within the model detail pages on

3. Model-to-Model Comparison Videos

We created model-to-model comparison videos to give automotive shoppers a better understanding of Acura’s sedan and SUV lineup. They’re specifically designed for those further down the purchasing funnel who are already sold on Acura but remain curious about the similarities and differences between the brand’s models.

These informative videos can be found via paid and organic search, and are prominently featured on stand-alone pages that Rhythm created to live on

4. Social Intercept Videos

These short but impactful videos (:15 and :30) were produced using footage from our head-to-head comparison and walk-around videos. They’re used in targeted posts across social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and also featured on Acura’s social media channels.

In addition to producing all video footage, Rhythm teams also wrote the copy and suggested the hashtags.

Social Intercept Videos (15 & 30 second)

Our 30 second social intercept videos were created to quickly showcase an Acura model against a top competitor—for example, the Audi Q5 vs the Acura RDX. Because of their short duration, one or two key features were promoted from the following categories:

Performance, Styling, Technology, and Design.

The Video Production Process

Video production is a choreographed dance involving dozens of participants—script writers, location coordinators, camera operators, production assistants, actors, and on and on.

For Acura video projects, Rhythm managed the process and deliverables of all three phases:

Pre-Production: The Stories Take Shape

From initial concept development, to storyboarding, to script writing, a select group of Rhythm team members kicked things off with pre-production services leading up to all live shoots.

Once video scripts and storyboards were approved, we then planned shooting locations and coordinated filming dates.

Production: Lights, Camera, Action!

Steven Spielberg who? Sitting firmly in the director’s chair, Rhythm managed all filming and production duties, from lighting and camera work to script and talent supervision.

During production, the only predictable thing is unpredictability. Rhythm team members were always at the ready to help capture the best possible shots, something that’s not always easy in changing light and weather.

Production: On Location Video Shoot

Many of our video shoots have also taken place at Acura’s test track in the heart (and heat) of the Mojave Desert. Here, temperatures can change dramatically from morning to evening, and lighting conditions are always a challenge. Gusty winds are also to be expected.

That said, we’ve been able to capture fantastic footage in a dynamic environment, giving our videos added energy and excitement. Rhythm has also been fortunate to work with professional racer Katherine Legge, who drives for Acura Motorsports. She’s provided us with pivotal driving insights about Acura vehicles and their competitors, and has shined in front of the camera as well.

Production: Studio Video Shoot

Rhythm has made good use of Acura’s impressive studio complex in Los Angeles. Having a sheltered location in which sound and lighting can be finely controlled is key.
Time and time again, we’ve been able to shoot beautiful footage against an all-white foreground and background, enabling us to literally compare and contrast vehicles in the same light.

Being able to precisely control the environment has also allowed us to more easily film re-takes and update existing videos when new models arrive on the market.

Post-Production: It’s A Wrap

After shooting wrapped, Rhythm coordinated all post-production activities such as video editing, audio enhancement, visual overlays, and music selection.

We also ensured that all video assets were provided in appropriate file formats that could be easily shared across digital channels.


The play button is getting plenty of play. With Rhythm’s help, online video continues to be a key driver of customer engagement and acquisition for Acura.


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