Rhythm's Analytics Services Include:

Digital Strategic Planning & Media Strategy

We use data and insights to design overall strategic digital marketing plans which include media strategies to drive more inbound traffic to your site.

Analytics Strategy

Access to data and analytics is a must to achieve business goals and design effective brand experiences. Rhythm devises analytics strategies to ensure goals are met and valuable metrics provided.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Integration

The two are just better together. We set up triggers and analytics tags to ensure precise event tracking and apply insights to make enhancements which drive performance and results.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Our search and strategy teams work together to glean insights from data solutions and provide reporting based on statistical methodologies to help drive brand profitability.

Custom Dashboard Reporting

Performance metrics vary from client to client. We work to present the most relevant data in various forms and summary reports providing clear value to clients and their internal teams.

Big Data Analytics

Data is crucial to business success. We examine data collected to uncover insights, patterns, behaviors, customer preferences and more to help refine marketing efforts to drive ROI.

Multi-Channel Attribution Reporting

We report on the channels, time lag and path lengths that lead to site engagement and conversions in order to make refinements where needed to capture more sales.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

Every brand has different business goals and therefore data analyzed and presented must be customized to prove what is working and what is not. We work with brands to set up specific tracking and reporting based on their unique needs.

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