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How To Approach Your Mobile Experience

Are you reading this because your website traffic has suffered post Mobilegeddon? Are you wondering where to begin with designing a mobile-friendly website? Maybe you're still hesitant to believe that mobile advertising really matters. Mobile does matter. With more searches being performed on mobile than desktop and more people accessing websites and reading emails on mobile, you better believe that the shift to consume content via mobile is only going to grow stronger. With our constant desire to be on the go and access information wherever, whenever, I am pretty confident that there will not be a 180-degree shift back to desktop-first any time soon.  So how do you approach looking at your brand's mobile experience? Start by mapping out your customer's journey.

The Search
More than 1/2 of all searches are performed via a mobile device and consumers are using mobile as a starting point to discover answers to questions and research products/services before purchasing.* In response to this behavior, you need to first make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic and second have a solid SEO strategy in place. If you do not have a mobile or responsive website at this point, you are losing out on business - bottom line.

* Mobile Search & Purchasing Path Stats 2015

The Landing Page
After the search, the customer comes to your website. This is the pivotal point. If the customer is on their mobile device and your site is not mobile optimized, they're out, gone, bitter. You know what they say, first-impressions really do matter. If your website provides a poor mobile experience, you can say goodbye to what could have been a great relationship. Mobile optimized websites also strengthen your paid search and SEO efforts. Don't hold off any longer, make sure your website is designed for mobile visitors. Rhythm can help!

Know Your Customers
To make sure you design a strategic and effective mobile experience (or really an overall integrated marketing strategy including mobile tactics), you need to know your target personas and their behaviors, desires. It really helps to develop personas to see who your customers are and what matters to them so that you can provide them with what they want, when they want it, where they want it. Knowing your customer can also help in content development which also plays a huge role in your SEO strategy.

Once you know your customer/potential customers and their needs/desires/behaviors...this is where the fun begins. How can you use mobile tactics to engage them, to create experiences they want to be part of? Mobile presents so many avenues to engage with your customer base.  At our recent 2015 Integrated Marketing Forum, some leading brands including Stance, Honda, AEG Live and others shared various mobile tactics they are using to engage with their customers/fans. These tactics included:

  • Mobile advertising including video ads
  • In-program native advertising
  • Text campaigns
  • Proximity-based mobile targeting via beacon technology
  • Mobile apps
  • Social selling
  • Mobile-optimized e-mail marketing

Our 2015 Integrated Marketing Forum post-event wrap-up includes all speaker presentations where you can view case studies of effective mobile marketing campaigns.

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