Zeta Global Website & Rebrand

How a MarTech leader re-introduced itself to the world


Founded in 2007, Zeta Global is a publicly traded marketing and technology company that empowers enterprises to make smarter business decisions by combining proprietary AI, data, and multiple-point solutions together into a single solution, the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP).

The Challenge

Zeta Global wanted to clearly position itself online as a leader in the MarTech space, yet its legacy website failed to reflect the company’s refreshed brand strategy and look, leaving visitors disconnected and underwhelmed. The site needed to help qualified visitors better understand what Zeta offers while effortlessly enticing them to engage with the business.


Content Strategy, User Experience (UX) Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Development, UX / UI Design, Responsive Website Design and Development

The Solution

Rhythm created a dynamic online experience that creatively showcases Zeta’s innovative solutions and industry expertise.
Simplified messaging, stunning visuals and thoughtful interactivity engage key audiences. A flexible, modular-based system also allows for easy content management and scalability in anticipation of future growth.

Reintroducing a MarTech Leader

Rhythm saw this moment as an opportunity to reintroduce Zeta Global as a rising innovative disrupter in the marketing technology space.
Along with a refreshed and re-imagined brand and a new website designed to demonstrate sophisticated solutions in a simplistic and transparent manner, we aimed to delight users with a touch of creativity anchored via rational proof points and personalized content geared towards educating, engaging, and converting.

Rhythm developed 5 strategic pillars that defined our vision to achieve the re-introduction of Zeta Global to the world:

“Simply” show and tell the Zeta Difference

Bring key differentiators forward by simplifying messaging and showcasing solutions to help audiences understand the breadth and capability of the platform, all peppered with rational proof points fostering affinity, confidence and trust.

An intrinsic frictionless experience

Utilize audience insights (info, needs, and wants) to minimize clutter and improve navigation, creating a frictionless UX that more easily surfaces relevant content and entices exploration as desired.

Unified and unique brand energy

Create a refreshed digital brand experience that aligns with the brand strategy and differentiates Zeta in the space, fostering a sense of energy, innovation, and intelligence.

Scaleable, user-friendly infrastructure

Structure, design, and implement a refresh with a templated approach that allows ease of administration and enables streamlined integrations with external platforms.

Support online prominence

Optimize best practices that make the site work harder, support visibility on search engines, and drive organic traffic from all devices.

Creating a scalable design system

While maintaining the existing Zeta Global logo, we refreshed the overall brand identity and visual design system to scale upwards with the organization. A simple but visually interesting illustration and icon system was developed to focus on the vision “to make sophisticated marketing simple”, fostering a sense of energy, innovation, and intelligence.

Developing new functionalities —AKA “getting techie with it”

Making even minor changes to Zeta’s existing website proved cumbersome and time-consuming. To overcome this hurdle and enhance their new web experience, Rhythm’s development team implemented a cutting-edge page builder system with drag and drop editing capabilities, embedded within real-time previews. This innovative approach allowed Zeta's website administrators to effortlessly create and modify page layouts without the need for constant development intervention.

Additionally, we developed over 30 custom Zeta-branded modules that could be effortlessly mixed and matched, giving their team greater control over the website's appearance and functionality.
We also provided in-depth integrations with Hubspot and Greenhouse, enabling Zeta to leverage the full potential of these external platforms while maintaining a consistent user experience across the new website.

Finally, we addressed Zeta's localization needs by transitioning from a disjointed multi-site setup to a centralized system using WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) with automatic translations. This streamlined approach facilitated the localization process, allowing Zeta to efficiently target a global audience and effectively communicate their message in multiple languages.

“We are thrilled with our new website. Our old website was outdated and didn’t showcase our company’s strengths or innovation. Through our partnership with Rhythm, we were able to define our visual expression, bring our branding to life, and improve our site’s discoverability. They are a great partner to us!”

—Allison Cornia, SVP Marketing