SCAN Health Plan is a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan headquartered in Long Beach, Calif. Founded in 1977, SCAN serves more than 145,000 members in California and Arizona. With more and more individuals searching online to find information on prescription costs, doctors and coverage, SCAN selected Rhythm to revitalize their outdated online presence.

Working with Top Tier Consulting, Rhythm completely redesigned SCAN's website to deliver an improved experience across all devices and platforms. SCAN's new responsive website featured a visually clean content structure and primary navigation organized by audience to help quickly guide site users to specific information. Rhythm also optimized the site for search, keeping SCAN highly accessible to consumers and partners seeking information online.

In an effort to ensure compliance in a highly regulated industry, Rhythm's team worked to integrate a Medicare CRM solution and connected SCAN's internal IT system into the website to provide for a HIPAA compliant hosting environment. Rhythm also adhered to WCAG 2.0 standards and ADA website accessibility and usability guidelines to ensure all users were provided a similar experience.