Custom Building Products (owned by Quikrete) is North America's industry leader in flooring preparation products and tile and stone installation systems for residential and commercial projects. Rhythm has worked with Custom for more than five years, being originally selected to design and build Custom's website, but over time our relationship has 'solidified' and Rhythm has provided expertise and services to further help the manufacturer connect with their many target audiences and grow their community.

In Custom's case, upon the launch of their new website, we were extremely pleased with the site's initial structure, content and search rankings. But, by their very nature, websites grow and evolve, presenting new opportunities for enhancement. Right off the bat we identified key areas where bounce rates could be reduced and search results could be improved. Specifically, we worked with Custom to increase the site's unique content and bring attention to "below the fold" information on product pages, including directing users to a particular call-to-action. These changes alone resulted in 70% of the top 10 landing pages showing a significant bounce rate decline, which indicated the new content's relevance. Rhythm also wanted to make the experience for site visitors more engaging, making the Grout Color Selector interactive so end users could identify a particular color and easily learn more about their selection. We also designed and developed their blog, providing more valuable content and leveraging greater search traffic.  

Rhythm also worked with Custom on many dedicated microsites including a CustomTech microsite and a building green microsite with LEED information and standards. Making sure that developers and distributor partners were aware of new products, special offers, installation and warranty details, Rhythm worked with Custom on an effective email marketing strategy including the development of content and design. Dedicated paid media campaigns were also designed and managed by Rhythm to help get Custom in front of the right audiences at the right time. 

Rhythm today continues to help Custom with website updates on ongoing search efforts to optimize meta data, assist with article development (contributing to beneficial backlinking) and enrich product page content.

Our Results Have Sealed The Deal. 


increase in unique site visitors


growth in "Where-To-Buy" page views


YOY lift in organic visitors