The Art of Instant Connections: How to Get SMS Marketing Right

The best way to reach customers in real-time is through their mobile phones. However, this marketing tactic doesn’t always guarantee sure-fire results. Chances are you can get ignored or unceremoniously deleted from their inbox. So how do you make sure your SMS campaigns aren’t sent in vain?

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One of the best things about SMS marketing is that it’s cheap, fast, and straightforward. It has a read rate of 98%, which is far higher than email blasts (20%). Aside from that, it’s typically welcomed; Millennials in particular open SMS messages within just 90 seconds of receiving them, reducing their chances of being left unread.

Indeed, compared to other marketing channels, SMS marketing can generate higher engagement and conversion for e-commerce businesses. While they’re often used as mere supplementary marketing mediums, SMS campaigns are more valuable than e-commerce businesses often believe. Fortunately, an increasing number of marketers (53%) are cashing in on SMS marketing to build more meaningful connections with their audiences and ensure the success of their campaigns.

To make your SMS campaigns more effective, there are helpful strategies for accelerating conversions and increasing e-commerce store sales. For one, SMS campaigns should be targeted, just like any other marketing initiative. Today’s consumers respond better to personalized experiences, whether on desktop or mobile, so segmenting your contact list is a crucial step when launching text-based campaigns. This also enables you to send out messages that are highly tailored to your customers’ needs and preferences. In fact, by grouping your audience based on shared interests and traits, you can significantly increase the redemption rate and reduce the opt-out rate of your SMS campaigns.

Moreover, to make SMS campaigns a success, the delivery of your texts should be strategic and well-timed. Sending out text messages at odd hours or confusing times might rub your customers the wrong way. Indeed, timing is a critical factor when it comes to improving the reception and increasing the open rate of your SMS campaigns. Map out a proper schedule to ensure your text messages are well-received the moment you send them to your customers.

Apart from timing, the tone of your texts plays a crucial role in SMS marketing. SMS campaigns are more effective when they adopt a conversational tone. In SMS marketing, there’s no pressure to sound too professional or serious when talking to your customers. Consumers are more receptive to messages that are casual and relaxed. Yet while the whole purpose of SMS marketing is to build meaningful connections with your customers, you also need them to take action. Whether it’s a subscription offer, post-purchase notification, or special promotion, your SMS campaigns must come with a strong call to action (CTA). Give emphasis to your CTA and make it direct and clear to encourage action upon receipt.

While it’s certainly powerful alone, SMS marketing works best when coupled with a primary marketing medium like email, social media, television, or out-of-home. By incorporating different tools into your general marketing strategy, there’s a greater chance of making your digital campaigns successful.

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