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Social Media Privacy Settings - Best To Be Safe

Social Media Privacy Settings - Best To Be Safe

So, here's my take on privacy when it comes to social media...if you want to maintain complete privacy (is that even possible?), keep your life and your thoughts to yourself - then don't go social. Just by setting up your social channels you are breaking down the walls and opening yourself up to what social is...being social.

Social media is like one big party and if that frightens you, if you are more the hermit type, then I would refrain from getting in the game. But, for many, it's hard to stay away from the big three: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I think we all want to stay connected and social media has allowed us to do so in a very unique way. Yet, when we physically go to "the big party" we don't usually share all our personal stories, pictures, interests, etc. with those we just met, even if they are a friend of a friend. Sometimes it's a good bet to keep things private.

So, I wanted to share this great post from Social Media Examiner (an amazing resource for all things social marketing) on how to check, correct and protect when it comes to social media channels.


How to check social media privacy settings.

Take the time to review your privacy settings if only to really know what info you are giving away and who can stalk...I mean see your posts. Looking to get social? LET'S TALK.