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Uncover solutions to your marketing challenges at #2012IMF

So, our 2012 Integrated Marketing Forum is only a month away. The hype around this event is huge! Okay, maybe not as huge as Psy and Gangnam Style , but huge nonetheless. Thanks to our sponsors -- ExactTarget, OC METRO, Orange County American Marketing Association, OC Ad Federation, and OC Marketing Analytics -- we have been able to gain valuable insights around some of the biggest challenges facing marketers today that have helped us plan a very content-rich event that is sure to provide HUGE value to marketing professionals and business executives.

On a daily basis, people within the field of marketing (newbies and seasoned professionals) -- in addition to business owners -- are reaching out to get the answers to what really works when it comes to integrating marketing tactics to drive results and engage customers. Many marketing managers are searching for case studies of effective marketing strategies to get ideas around effective channels, new technologies, social media contests, mobile advertising and lead-generation efforts. The discussions surrounding which marketing tactics to invest in flood LinkedIn groups hourly. Here are just some discussions topics on marketing I have seen this week alone:

  • When starting a company blog, how much do you budget to time management and content creation?
  • Would you consider building your company website on the HubSpot platform and why?
  • Is SMS taking over email?
  • Do social media contests truly lead to sales?
  • How do I determine how much to invest in SEO or PPC?

While today's marketer has many options when it comes to means of engagement, there are also many decisions to make and a lot of evaluating to be done

At the 2012 Integrated Marketing Forum, the challenges facing today's marketers will be explored and solutions provided. Brands such as Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Targus and Wahoo's Fish Taco will share what marketing tactics have worked for them while our industry professionals will present on how companies can integrate their marketing strategies. Check out our amazing lineup of presenters.

Register for the 2012 Integrated Marketing Forum today . Online registration closes Oct. 26th.

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