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Rhythm Interactive Shares Digital Insight Via Branding Business Radio Show

Rhythm Interactive -- an Irvine-based digital marketing agency -- was recently featured as a guest on RiechesBaird's “Branding Business” radio show. The radio show titled "Applying Brand Consistency to the Digital World" features Peter Bohenek, Co-Founder and President of Rhythm Interactive, discussing the ever-evolving digital landscape and providing insight around how brands can maintain consistency within this space.

"Successful brands need a knowledgeable partner to help them navigate the ever-increasing digital channels and execute online marketing strategies that maintain brand consistency," said show host Ryan Rieches, co-founder and CEO of RiechesBaird -- one of the nation's top BtoB corporate branding agencies in the U.S.

"Peter has deep experience with digital campaigns, including various engagement and convergence strategies designed to ensure that the brand experience is preserved." Bohenek co-founded Rhythm Interactive in 1996, and brings more than 17 years of marketing and management experience to his clients. During his tenure, he has successfully supervised numerous integrated marketing projects, exercising an in-depth understanding of "best practices" to achieve the highest quality results. From development to implementation, Peter has managed all aspects of various client marketing strategies to ensure that client needs are consistently met. 

Rhythm Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency in Irvine that combines strategic marketing, user experience design and elegant technology to creative immersive brand experiences that position their clients as the premium choice in the mind's eye of their customers. Through their RI-5 Process Framework, Rhythm Interactive develops innovative solutions that achieve business goals and delight users, while creating a closed loop system from which to measure ROI.

The Branding Business radio show can be found at - an online forum dedicated to brand strategy, brand development and brand engagement.  This forum is designed to bring together the best minds in branding and provide an engaging conversation about branding as a business tool. Branding Business includes relevant blog articles, lively debates, topical discussions, answers to questions and questions to answer. The Branding Business radio show can also be found on iTunes.