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When To Conduct A Digital Brand Analysis?

When To Conduct A Digital Brand Analysis?

Today’s marketplace is more than competitive. New advancements in technology combined with new customer demands and desires result in constant change and rapid growth. It doesn’t matter if you are legacy brand with years in the game and sound positioning or a new brand breaking into the scene, brands should be continually evaluating where they stand in the market as compared to their competitors and be aware of newcomers and disruptors to your category.

To be blunt - in today’s consumer marketplace - no brand is safe. Brands need to be analyzing, digging, doing the work to stay competitive, provide solutions and be top of mind. It’s really not a question of why, but when to do a digital brand analysis. At Rhythm, we often conduct a digital brand analysis when we start working with a new client so we get a holistic view of where the client is positioned in the marketplace and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that can set our efforts up for success. But, we don’t just conduct these reviews once - we suggest that our clients conduct digital brand audits on a more regular basis because as we mentioned before, rapid change warrants continual evaluation to ensure strong positioning and allows brands to respond to threats early.

What Does A Digital Brand Analysis Look Like?

There are many pieces to a digital brand analysis. Here are the main things that Rhythm evaluates when conducting a digital brand analysis. All evaluations are performed for a specific brand and its competitors.

Category Analysis & Competitive Landscape

  • What is the main category market size and share in terms of revenue, sub-category products/services
  • Category terms, keywords, messaging
  • Category consumer makeup/behavior/interests/pain points
  • Persona mapping

Website Analysis

  • Goals of website
  • Sessions/visits/site duration/traffic analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Traffic analysis (direct, referral, organic, paid, social, email, display, etc.)
  • On-site behavior

Social Analysis

  • Social messaging
  • Social reach and volume
  • Social engagement

Paid/Owned Media Analysis

  • Review paid media activities
  • Review owned media activities (email, video content, resource content, OOT advertising, etc.)

Why A Digital Brand Analysis?

It’s not a matter of why. It just should be done. It’s more a question of when. And to be honest, if you have not done one recently - why not? There’s no better time than the present. Conducting a digital brand analysis can help you compare the topics, tactics, channels, and content driving performance for you and your competition. This analysis can help you uncover insights and opportunities to help your brand get an edge on the competition and better position your brand for success. An analysis can help you set benchmarks to help you reach and exceed goals and validate your marketing strategy. Want to see where your brand stands in relation to your competitors? Want to discover opportunities to help you grow your audience, fuel brand awareness and ultimately gain market share? Reach out to Rhythm so we can perform a digital brand analysis today.