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Facebook Lead Ads: The Lowdown To Omit Slowdown

Facebook Lead Ads: The Lowdown To Omit Slowdown

Let me start off this post with asking this very simple yet important question: Do you have a social selling strategy in place? If you sell products or services, need to collect leads, grow your email subscription lists, host events, want to collect feedback, provide quotes, etc. - social advertising should be part of your integrated marketing strategy and Facebook ads in particular are pretty darn powerful without breaking the bank.

Facebook is always testing different ad formats and rightfully so - this is where the social platform  behemoth makes their money.  They recently announced a new ad option - Lead Ads. Here's the breakdown:

Why Lead Ads?

Lead ads have been designed to make the user experience that much more pleasant by keeping consumers/potential consumers within Facebook versus taking them outside. Brands risk losing interested consumers when they click on ads that take them outside of Facebook - load times can be frustrating, mobile responsiveness can be an issue and then there is the difficulty of entering contact information on mobile vs. desktop.

Lead ads make it simple for interested consumers to take action without too many steps involved and they don't need to leave the comfort of Facebook...where they so enjoy to sift and play. LeadAds_Explained What Are Lead Ads? Lead ads look like any other link ad with similar CTA button options such as Register Now, Request Meeting, Learn More, Subscribe, Get Quote, but when a consumer/potential consumer clicks on the CTA, the user is immediately shown a form within Facebook and the form is pre-filled with contact information linked to the person's Facebook profile (users can edit this information if they would like). Yes, advertisers can still add more questions to these forms.

The info collected is then stored in your ads manager dashboard (Power Editor) and can also be integrated to collect in your CRM.  Can Carousel and Video ads incorporate lead collection? That's an affirmative. And you can bet that Facebook is working to enhance the offerings of Lead Ads daily.

What Are Lead Ads Good For?

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