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Survey Says: More Online Video

At our recent 2012 Integrated Marketing Forum, the findings of our marketing survey were presented and there was one thing that stood out to me. One of the top marketing priorities for 2013 is online video. Now, online video is a pretty broad when it comes to overall marketing strategy. When it comes to developing online video, the specifics of the video content, format and length all depend on where the video is displayed and the audience you are targeting. Are you interested in producing a video infographic, video mashup, product demo, corporate branding video, video tutorial, online video advertisement? You get the picture. There are many opportunities when it comes to video.

Bottom line: video is just another way to produce and share content and this form of content is really catching on. People like video. Video is easy to digest and more entertaining than reading paragraph upon paragraph of written content. Video captivates and can visually showcase your product, show who you are as a brand and in a much more stimulating way.


Video Boosts Mobile Ad Engagement 30%

Data continues to prove the effectiveness of video in boosting interaction rates and engagement with mobile ads. So, with that, budgets are being allocated to producing more mobile optimized video ads. Take a look at this post.


LinkedIn Rolls Out Video Ads

Because of the popularity of online video, LinkedIn recently launched their new video ad offering. Now brands can test what performs better by running standard text/image ads against video ads. Get the details .

We have been busy over here at Rhythm Interactive producing all different sorts of video content for clients across many industry verticals. While the projects vary, the goals are the same: to engage customers (fans) and potential customers in a more visual manner.

How are you incorporating online video into your marketing strategy? If you're not sure how to break into video - we can help.

Take a look at this post regarding Video on a Budget .


Tip: How to Create Custom YouTube Thumbnails

Why does YouTube have the right to choose which part of your video is captured to be used as the thumbnail image? Really, the top of a person’s head as a thumbnail? Or even better, the mid speech, open-mouth fly catcher pose? Well, no longer do we have to settle with choosing one of the top three worst thumbnail images. Now, with the new Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail, marketers can choose and even create their own thumbnail image -- providing even greater branding opportunity. Now, this feature is not available yet to everyone, but read all the details in this Social Media Examiner post to learn more about customizing your YouTube video thumbnail and to see if your channel has been graced with this feature.