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Can Digital Tactics Sometimes Go Too Far?

Is this something to smile about? Beam Toothbrush recently developed an app that allows users to track their dental hygiene habits online. Although clever, does the average person really need to spend $50 on a manual toothbrush that collects data on how many times per day you brush, tracks when you last brushed, and encourages users to email their dentists the results?

While you may at first grin at the idea of this new, intriguing technology with all its features and functionality, is this really just a digital marketing tactic gone too far? Are marketers and brands like Beam really just pushing products out to beat or impress the competition, win an award, gain social fans or initiate viral activity? What happened to providing an actual need for consumers?

When I first read about Beam's new digital toothbrush I chuckled and rolled my eyes. Then I started to think about it more. What real benefit could this provide? Could it save me on dental costs down the road? Perhaps if Beam had partnered with dentists to help endorse the product, sharing the true benefit for the consumer, more would spend $50 on this tech-savvy tooth-cleaning tool?

Beam needs to create a value-added, strategic message to their marketing or else we as consumers cannot justify spending $50 on this manual toothbrush. We all want a million dollar smile, but consumers are smarter these days and can spot a gimmick a mile away. Tell us up front the benefits, don't just dazzle us with your new digital tactic.

What do you think? Is the new Beam digital toothbrush a great idea? Would you be willing to spend $50 on a manual toothbrush? Or is this a case of digital gone too far?