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Twitter Lists: Something to Snack On

We all love Twitter, but when is it ever really useful?

Over here at Rhythm, we love ourselves some gourmet food trucks. As a team of digital foodies, we work on tracking down food trucks within the general vicinity of our office in Irvine to plan our lunch outings. As early adopters of the mobile food craze and social media, we know that these food trucks rely heavily on social media to promote where they're going to be since they're always on the go. To make it easy for us to follow our favorites and filter out the noise (which there is a lot of within social channels), I took upon myself to create a Twitter list. This list follows the activity of 39 (and counting) food trucks that we have either tried, want to try or have heard of. I keep the list up to date, based upon the outcome of our culinary adventures, and any gastronomical emergencies notwithstanding.

Twitter lists make it easy to narrow in on what you are truly interested in. You can create as many lists as you want and you can follow as many lists as you want. You can also choose to make your lists public (like I have for my foodie friends) so that people can subscribe to them.

If you are on Twitter and have not set up a list yet, try something this holiday. Try setting up a list following the brands or companies you are interested in buying from this holiday. By doing this, you will know when they are running promotions or offering a Twitter-exclusive deal.

Here are some resources that can help you get started in creating your own Twitter lists.

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