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5 Questions to Chew Over Before Building a New Website

5 Questions to Chew Over Before Building a New Website
It’s perfectly normal to be overly enthusiastic about building a new website. But don’t get too excited yet—there are some key things to ponder before diving into your project.

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This article will take you through five of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before developing a new website for your business.

#1 How much are you willing to invest?

The first thing you should ask yourself is this—how much are you comfortable spending? Decide on a budget first. IIf you have big aspirations for your website, then be prepared to make a significant investment. But if you’re navigating a tight budget, determine how you can achieve your site goals without sacrificing quality. Basically, preparing a clear budget allows you to identify the scope and limitations of your project.

#2 When do you need this project completed?

Aside from your budget, you also need to work out a timetable. Whether you need it in six months or in just a few weeks, provide a clear timeline for the entire team. Every task is carried out more efficiently when operating under a fixed schedule. It allows for the prioritization of key areas in the project, which speeds up the process of development. Just be realistic when it comes to mapping out a timeline and make sure to hammer it out with your team.


#3 What key areas do you need to refine?

Let’s face it: The reason you want a new website is because there are certain aspects of your original website that just aren't working. So before you start creating a new website, identify your current pain points. What issues commonly plague your platform? What components cause recurring technical problems to your users? Review your analytics and talk to your team to pinpoint the areas that need improvement. Make sure to eliminate these common issues so they won’t come up in your new platform. This is also the perfect time to think of new features to incorporate into your new website. 

#4 What do you want to get out of this venture?

Establish your goals for building a new website and be specific. Do you want to increase your pool of leads? Do you want to introduce a new service? Do you want to increase your customer retention rate? Do you want to strengthen automated customer support? When you set down all of your objectives, you give targeted direction to your efforts. The last thing you want is for your project to be a bunch of hits and misses. 

#5 Do you know who your audience is?

Your new website should be tailored to the preferences of  your target market. So be precise when determining your user profile. Consider their location, language, age range, lifestyle, behavior, and other preferences. Identify their common communication vehicles and favorite social media sites. This will shed light on the best ways to connect with them. By using analytics and reporting tools, you can also gain a clearer understanding of your audience, enabling you to create a new website that better suits their needs and wants. If you want your new website to be far more effective than its replacement, really know your audience.

Before you dive into a project as big as this, take a step back and ponder over these questions. Your answers will lead to a much better website. 

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