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Do Blog Posts Matter?

Do Blog Posts Matter?

If you’re like most normal human beings, the last thing you want to do is write a company blog post. After all, nobody reads anymore, right? And who really cares what your organization has to say? And heck, do blog posts even matter anymore?

Well, the answers to each of those questions are: wrong – you’re doing it right now; your current and future clients, that’s who; and did you actually ask that question in a blog post?

While it can sometimes seem like an uphill slog, making regular blog posts does matter to your organization. So grab a cup of coffee and prepare to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), because your company blog is a really big deal. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Company blog posts can demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership

Your blog posts give readers a real sense of how your organization thinks and what it cares about. And unlike your website copy or sales literature that tend to be static and fixed, a company blog gives you the ability to share (and comment on) timely topics at a moment’s notice.

2. Company blog posts can give you relevance

Don’t have anything exceptionally insightful to share? No worries. Just linking to other articles or posting current press releases can help your organization stay relevant. That said, if you can’t regularly update your blog at least a few times each month, it’s better to remove it entirely. After all, nothing says “out of touch” like having your most recent blog post be from 2012.

3. Company blog posts can show off your human side

The people who work for your company are its greatest asset. So why not show them off? While it’s always nice to have employee bios on your website, blog posts give your talent the ability to share their thoughts and expertise with a wider audience. This not only shows your organization’s personal side, it also gives your people a chance to shine.

4. Company blog posts can get you found

Your future clients are always looking for helpful information. By determining what they’re most interested in and then writing about it, you’re giving your organization a great chance to get discovered online, especially if the topic is narrow and geographically targeted.

5. Company blog posts can help your website rank better

Last but not least, making regular blog posts can significantly improve your search rankings. Google and other search engines reward websites that regularly update their content. There is also an SEO benefit that comes from incorporating links to other articles – so link away!