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Steps To Prepare Your Brand For A Digital Overhaul

Steps To Prepare Your Brand For A Digital Overhaul

Let’s cut to the chase. Digital isn’t just the future, it’s the present. And brands that fail to adjust to this reality are sailing into treacherous waters. Fortunately, many brands have correctly read the tea leaves and started to adjust course. In fact, according to a recent report by the research firm Altimeter, nearly 90% of the organizations they surveyed were currently undergoing some form of digital transformation – from new visual identity systems including new logo design, to e-commerce enhancements and greater focus on social integration.

But while your brand may have invested in a mobile website to appease to a more digital consumer, when was the last time you really took the necessary steps to evaluate your brand from a more holistic consumer experience mindset - evaluating all touch points to ensure brand perception and reality are aligned and that visual assets, messaging, and tone are consistent. While there is no magic bullet when it comes to undergoing a digital overhaul for brands across different verticals, here are some tried and true steps your brand can follow to not only bring your business into the digital age, but also to help ensure a more effective and engaging consumer experience.

1) Perform A Channel Audit
Start by determining where your brand “lives.” Where does it currently have a presence (online and off)? Where does your brand maybe need to have a presence? Is your brand on social channels? Which social channels should your brand have a presence in based on your targeted audiences?

2) Learn From Competitors
Focus on your competition. Who are your competitors? What can you learn (take away) from their digital brand experiences? What are they doing well from a digital experience? What could they work on and how could that also pertain to your brand? Are there any weaknesses or opportunities your brand can benefit from?

3) Determine Fluidity & Movement
Your brand’s "dance" is also important. How does it move across customer touch points? How does your logo and design elements change from channel to channel, navigational experiences, interface experiences, both online and offline? Is your digital experience smooth or choppy?

4) Consider Tone & Messaging
Be sure to tune into your tone. Does it need to change in a more digitally-driven world? Does your messaging connect with an ever-increasing digital audience? Is your content clear, consistent and concise? How does your content, message and tone change based on the personality associated with a channel, with your audience?

5) Take Measure
Finally, prepare to measure success. What digital benchmarks need to be created? What digital measuring tools can you use? How can you know what is and isn’t working so you can make adjustments? Rhythm has worked with both B2B and B2C brands across various industries on digital branding exercises that have helped to strengthen brand positioning and acceptance while also increasing engagement and driving results.

Rhythm would love to be your partner to take your business to the next level when it comes to delivering a DigitalFIRST brand. Connect with us today. Take a look at a recent digital rebranding exercise we did for our client Willard Marine.