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What's On The iPhone of a Chief Creative Officer?

What's On The iPhone of a Chief Creative Officer?

You can learn a lot about a person from their iPhone wallpaper and the apps that they use most often. Like an additional appendage, most of us are constantly attached to our smartphones, going into a state of hysteria should we leave the house without it. Our Chief Creative Officer is no different. Hannes Meyer never goes into a meeting without his iPhone 5 (unless he has a meeting with some big surf -- then he favors his GoPro and being alone with his thoughts). Here's a look at the top 5 mobile apps Hannes uses on an almost daily basis.

But first, his wallpaper. His dashing three-year-old daughter Kirra. Kirra was named after a famed surf spot in Australia. Hannes has two teenage boys as well, James 14 and Bryant 16, but daddy's little girl sealed the prime iPhone real estate.

Hannes' Wallpaper

Hannes Meyer, Chief Creative Officer Top 5 iPhone Apps

1. Surfline: Last used this past Tuesday when there was supposed to be some epic surf but it was blown out and ugly. Hannes came to work instead.

2. Flipboard: Replaces the bathroom magazine. Hannes pulls in content surrounding classic cars, surfing and all things design related.

3. Behance: Hannes checks this daily to find inspiration and discover talent. When Rhythm is looking to grow our team (like we are now - check out open positions), this app comes in handy to connect with creatives.

4. Evernote: Some of Hannes' greatest ideas come when he is kicking it at the beach (he lives in HB). Hannes uses Evernote to jot these ideas down.

5. Mailbox: When Hannes signed up for this app he was around number 5,123 on the waiting list. But it only took about a week after signing up to get the app. Hannes is very impressed with the app's user interface, simplicity and clean design. Makes sorting through email a fresh, fun experience.

What apps are on your phone? Which do you use most often?