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What to Expect From Google’s Upgraded Search Ads 360

What to Expect From Google’s Upgraded Search Ads 360

With a new look and fresh lineup of built-in features, there are a lot of exciting features to look out for in the new Search Ads 360. 

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Google just announced the newest features of its ad management platform, Search Ads 360. This robust solution, which has been around for more than a decade, helps businesses manage a wide range of large-scale paid media campaigns—from display ads, to video ads, to paid search ads.

Designed specifically for enterprise-level advertisers, Search Ads 360 offers advanced capabilities and features in ad management including smart bidding, automated campaign management, retargeting support, detailed reporting and attribution, and more. With its built-in integration with the Google Marketing Platform, this platform also helps advertisers keep track of multiple campaigns across different media channels. 

Search Ads 360

To accommodate advertisers’ evolving needs, Google made some major improvements to its platform. From revamping its interface to overhauling its workflow, here are some improvements in Search Ads 360 you should watch out for this year: 

It boasts an enhanced interface.

One of the first things you’ll notice in the new Search Ads 360 is its revamped look. Its updated interface takes after Google tools and management solutions, which makes it easier for advertisers to navigate through the platform. The dashboard and navigation system of Search Ads 360 is more simplified and compact to allow a more convenient exploration of its basic commands. Its refreshed design is also said to accelerate internal processes and enhance workflows among advertisers. 

It builds on previous strengths. 

Advertisers should watch out for refined versions of their favorite features of the Search Ads 360. In the upgraded platform, advertisers can enjoy more centralized workflows in campaign and budget management. For instance, the revamped Search Ads 360 boasts an upgrade of its budget management feature, called Performance Center. This latest innovation informs advertisers’ budget strategies by offering advanced planning capabilities like enhanced forecasting, which is nonexistent in the previous version. 

The newly released Search Ads 360 also includes a special feature called Templates. This is derived from existing campaign building commands on the current version. Templates combines ad building and inventory management capabilities to consolidate the creation, management, and automation of campaigns in a single feed. According to Google, this feature will be made available by the latter half of 2022. 

It offers extended support to third parties. 

With the new Search Ads 360, advertisers no longer have to switch platforms to access tools and extensions from other third-party solutions. This refurbished application can now accommodate more features from other search engines and management tools. Businesses can access commands from the outside platforms using Search Ads 360, which can greatly increase their productivity. 

According to Google, it has extended its support to popular search engines and advertising tools such as Yahoo! and Microsoft Advertising. These features include site link extension scheduling, responsive search ads, and local inventory ads to name just a few. Google also claims that it will add more channel support in the following months. 

It accommodates new Google Ad features. 

Search Ads 360 has become a more scalable tool when it comes to managing and processing data. Advertisers don’t have to worry about handling large-scale campaigns because this updated solution can accommodate large data without slowing down performance. Despite this powerful upgrade, the new Search Ads 360 guarantees businesses a smoother user experience. 

Aside from this, with tighter integrations with Google Ads, this revamped product now supports Performance Max. Performance Max is a new feature in Google Ads that allows the creation of goal-based campaigns across the Google Network. Aside from Performance Max, the improved Search Ads 360 also supports Discovery campaigns, a new feature that enables businesses to create image-based campaigns across Google channels. Indeed, Search Ads 360 makes exploring these new Google Ads features more convenient and hassle-free.  

Advertisers should expect to get their hands on the upgraded Search Ads 360 in the coming weeks. And the enhanced capabilities of this platform will certainly be a great help to their campaign performance at large.

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