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Length Does Matter

Length Does Matter

Today it’s hurry, hurry, hurry – no time to waste.

We communicate with 😜👍👌– gotta make haste.

When it comes to content, less is always more.

Too many words? The audience starts to snore.

For headlines, podcasts, videos and blogs: better = shorter.

Real estate matters – keep it clean, don’t be a hoarder.

No one has time to sit back and wait.

Optimize for load speeds that jump out of the gate.

Black little circles catch our attention and zip key points across.

Use infographics, videos and charts to express deeper thoughts.

So keep these things in mind, in a world that’s digital first.

Make it easy for your customers, always quench their thirst.

And last but not least, have something good to say.

If you fail to do this, your customers WILL go away.

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