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Success Series: What a Successful PPC Strategy Looks Like

Success Series: What a Successful PPC Strategy Looks Like

To be successful, paid search efforts including pay-per-click (PPC) take a lot more than simply identifying the right keywords to drive clicks. PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) success comes from an effectively designed, implemented and refined strategy that considers many important factors including competitive landscape, keyword analysis, messaging, bidding, and much more.

To help our clients achieve success, Rhythm has developed a comprehensive PPC process using our Rhythm i-5 framework (Insight, Innovate, Immerse, Implement and Impact). It looks like this:

Insight + Innovate = Discovery + Strategy

  • Conduct research to determine the best keywords and phrases
  • Identify keyword variants such as misspellings, singular/plural, broad and precision matching options
  • Develop bid strategies for keywords and phrases

Immerse + Implement = Messaging + Build & Deploy

  • Write ad copy using keywords and phrases
  • Create ad campaigns
  • Conduct and manage keyword bidding

Impact = Measure

  • Track performance and analyze results
  • Provide monthly reports outlining campaign performance
  • Make improvement recommendations
  • Update/modify keywords and ads based upon their ability to generate qualified traffic

Yet, while a strong process is undeniably important, the biggest factor to attaining success through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns,  comes from the ability to create a flexible paid search solution that's highly tailored to the unique needs of each client. Needless to say, the talented members of Rhythm's paid search team have this ability in spades.

What does a successful PPC strategy actually look like?

An example that springs to mind is a PPC campaign that Rhythm conducted over the course of a year for a client that provides senior in-home, hospice and memory care. It turns out that a previous agency had provided our client with a cookie-cutter paid search solution that failed to grab the attention of its diverse customer base.

To properly tout their extraordinary care, we quickly realized they needed a better PPC  approach. After extensive research, Rhythm designed 18 unique personas that we used to create a mix of tailored keywords and ad copy to attract individuals seeking highly specific care services: in-home, hospice and memory care.

To rev up results, we developed custom landing pages with content catered to specific PPC ads and specific to geographic facility locations. Having dedicated pages for paid click-through ads to land on (as opposed to hitting general pages of the website) provides visitors with messaging continuity and clear CTAs encourage deeper engagement and quicker lead conversions.

In the end, our PPC strategy was a clear success. Our client generated 56% more leads from paid search advertising than from organic search alone. More significantly, paid search visitors entering the site via dedicated custom landing pages converted at rates 300% higher than those from organic visitors landing on general pages.

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