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Pinterest Can Help Save Your Marriage Or Plan Your Next Wedding

To say that many are talking about the newest social bookmarking site would be an understatement. While Pinterest is not new to the social sharing game (launched more than a year ago), in just the past few months it seems like this site has become an obsession - or time warp - for many. For myself, I try to avoid going on Pinterest as much as possible because I can literally waste hours pinning my perfect home, recipes I will never actually try, party ideas for the party I will probably never plan, and hair styles I will never attempt. It’s truly a love-hate relationship.

But, from a social sharing standpoint, Pinterest is a solid player when it comes to getting your brand in front of millions in a unique way. Recent findings prove that Pinterest has driven more referral traffic to websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. By just entering into this pinning party, you can connect with new, potential customers or maybe even explore new business opportunities all together. And, by taking some real time to craft your board descriptions with keywords and promote your boards through other social channels, you can cash in on the SEO benefits this community has to offer (Pinterest SEO tips ).

Pinterest is not only helping people like myself plan the best baby shower ever, but it is saving marriages and helping couples plan their dream wedding .

But, what are big brands and nonprofits doing on Pinterest? A lot. And in really creative ways too. Most are not pushing their products and services, but they are really trying to engage with followers to create more of a lifestyle and culture around their brand that elicits a connection and establishes strong relationships that lead to brand loyalty.

Take a look at what Whole Foods has done via Pinterest and see how 10 nonprofits are using Pinterest to gain support around their missions.

Here are some other great resources to help you get started with Pinterest. Have fun, but please be cautious of your time spent pinning. You don’t want your family to have to organize a Pinterest intervention.

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