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Is Mobile Technology Your New BFF?

As I glance across the gate terminal at John Wayne Airport, I see men, women and children of all ages actively engaging with their mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - waiting patiently till they board their flights. Regardless of whether they are traveling alone or with someone, these tech-friendly travelers are entertained by their mobile devices or “travel buddies”.

The content that each user is drawn to may be different, but the focus and attention placed on these mobile devices is phenomenal as they not only engage the user, but also provide a level of security, a sense of attachment in a familiar or unfamiliar place. Your mobile device goes wherever you go, hand in hand. In what world can someone pay their bill, listen to music, surf the Internet, connect with friends, check in at the airport, and buy the perfect pair of shoes all at the same time through one device?

Mobile is not going away, in fact, it’s our future and here to stay - whether in our pocket, our purse, or our hands, it will always be with us. It’s the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we turn off at night. We feel naked without it.

For a corporation, or small company, a website is one of the most valuable marketing tools. By not taking advantage of the direction mobile is going is a lost opportunity - a downright tragedy. People are searching for you on their mobile devices, whether you realize it or not, so why not make their experience optimal when they get there? Create a mobile-friendly website where the user’s path is optimized on this device. For instance, a standard healthcare website may provide options to research an illness, find treatment or find a doctor within an area of specialty. However, on a mobile device, most users won’t spend as much time researching these items, but instead use it in a less intimate way.

Different healthcare mobile site engagement strategies could include:

  1.  Stuck in traffic on the 405, but still plan to make your doctor appointment? When users pull up your mobile site they can easily find their doctor’s phone number to notify them that they are running a bit late.
  2. Your friend just posted to Facebook that their newborn has arrived. Access the hospital's mobile site where you can easily purchase a cute teddy bear from the hospital gift shop and have it delivered straight to your friend's room.
  3. Your kid broke their arm skateboarding? Quickly find the nearest urgent care center via the mobile website.

The website could be optimized to detect that it is being viewed on a mobile-friendly device, displaying a different user experience.

During Rhythm’s discovery phase with clients, we assess your audience and learn how they engage with your website today, and how they could be engaging with it in the future. We develop strategies for mobile and determine the technical requirements necessary for any interactive tools or other engagements on the site. The world of digital is ever-evolving, impacting our behaviors and actions, so don’t get left behind and lose an opportunity to engage with your clients and experience positive ROI.

Your loyal customers expect you to cater to them and speak to them through any device, so listen and exceed their expectations. Go mobile.

As I received my complimentary beverage on my American Airlines flight, I was handed a napkin with the words: “Get More Mobile”, promoting their new mobile site - This validates that not only is mobile following us everywhere we go on land, but even in the mobile-friendly skies.