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The $25 Million Dollar Phone Number

How far will a company go to brand itself?

Successful branding relies on marketing that relates a ‘need’ for a company’s product or service to its target audiences.  Nutrition firm Natrient LLC has gone the route of purchasing the rights to a phone number that will most likely resonate with thousands, but does not directly relate to its products in any way. In 1981, Tommy Tutone sang a song about a girl named Jenny…you know the rest.

Natrient purchased the rights to 800-867-5309 for a whopping $25 million, hoping to connect with their target audiences through the recollection of this popular 80s song. I find this to be an interesting marketing tactic, especially for a nutritional firm that sells branded supplements like SomaDream and NoHang (for hangovers). They are tying this theme together with the help of Tommy Tutone himself, who is a partner in the deal. His role will be to help support Natrient’s marketing and promotional goals. This is not the first time celebrities or well know figures have helped endorse or support a product, and I am guessing we may see Tommy Tutone (Heath is his real name) in commercials or ads in the near future.

Natrient’s male performance-enhancing product, SutraMax, will begin to show 800-867-5309 in ads as early as this month.  This is an interesting way to use music in advertising or marketing without actually using the song itself.  So, if anyone decides to call 800-867-5309, Jenny won’t be there, but someone else will be—trying to sell you supplements. Now I can’t get the song out of my head…867-530-Niieeiinne…