DigitalFIRST BrandLibs. It's Like MadLibs With a Digital Twist.

Do you recall MadLibs? You know the game where your friend would ask you for a noun, verb, adjective or other basic sentence part to complete a story and then when read aloud everyone would LOL. Well, Rhythm has taken this game concept and has digitized it a bit. Why? We want brands to have a little fun when thinking about where they stand in terms of having a digital-first approach to their business as a whole and in how they approach marketing and customer engagement. The customer journey and expectations of the customer have drastically changed and will continue to do so. Brands need to understand where they stand in the customers feel about the experience with the brand across all channels and touch points.

So, take a minute to play a little game of DigitalFIRST BrandLibs. Bring your teams together for an entertaining and enlightening exercise to see where your brand stands in today's digital world. Digital MadLibs Branding Exercise