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Critical Mass Radio Show: How Rhythm Helps Brands Achieve Success

Critical Mass Radio Show: How Rhythm Helps Brands Achieve Success

In this episode of Critical Mass for Business, radio show host Richard Franzi sits down with Rhythm CEO Craig Cooke to discuss how Rhythm helps brands build and achieve success through the strategic design, development and continuous management of solid marketing infrastructures and how the firm differentiates itself from other marketing agencies. Rhythm has been in the game of creating effective and engaging brand experiences for clients through integrated marketing with a digital core for close to 20 years (BIG CELEBRATION in January 2016). Rhythm is a pioneer in the field of creating captivating digital experiences that connect business goals with user needs. The agency created its first responsive website for a client back in 2009 -- four years before responsive was all the rage.

In this radio interview, Cooke explains how Rhythm applies their 3-pillar approach to achieve success for clients and respond to the increasing demands that new technology and ever-expanding digital channels present.

Topics Explored Include:

  • Is technology making it easier or harder for brands to reach prospects/audiences? (2:38)
  • Have we experienced platform burnout? (4:00)
  • What does the future hold for marketing? (5:50)
  • How Rhythm helps brands achieve success (12:24)
  • The future of Rhythm (18:05)

"Always do your best and be accountable. Things happen. It's how you handle the bumps in the road that matter. " - Craig Cooke