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Contextual Videos Create Unique Customer Experiences

With video consumption rates on the rise, more and more brands are experimenting with video -- seeing what works when it comes to online video advertising and getting creative in the ways in which they use video to create a more personalized customer experience.

Something that has caught my attention recently is the idea of Contextual Videos -- videos created based on customer profiles, situational data and historical browsing data. Creating these contextual videos may take a little more effort and budget, but bottom line, these types of campaigns are seriously targeted and drive significant return when done well. Let's take a look at a few examples:

Humana Healthcare

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) can be very confusing and dry. Most of the time, this communication from your healthcare insurance provider lacks any personal touch and is loaded with fine print none of us care to read which leads us to hit delete or throw the mailed version in the trash. Consumers who are confused by these communications end up calling to get answers which can increase costs on the end of the healthcare provider. Humana took a unique approach to the EOB. Pulling their client data, they designed and delivered personalized EOB statements that went through their account services, charges, etc. These videos can be sent to clients via email, SMS and embedded on customized personal account landing pages. Take a look below.


AT&T did something similar to that of Humana, by taking their customer data and delivering billing statements to customers that were personalized, offered insights on how to lower their bill and presents them with new payment options, etc.

Office Depot

The office superstore is using their customer data (website search data, shopping carts, past purchase history etc.) to design customized videos that help customers make their purchase decision and prove to customers that Office Depot is going above and beyond to provide customers with all the data and incentives they need to make that purchase decision. Tune in to an interview with Office Depot's Nicole Fraley who speaks to how they do this and the return they have seen. Love the fact she is trying to hide her gum through the entire interview :)

Pretty creative huh, the way these brands are using their data to create unique customer experiences that are driving results beyond the return on ad spend. How can you do this for your brand?