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5 Things Hospitals & Health Organizations Should Look For in a Digital Agency

5 Things Hospitals & Health Organizations Should Look For in a Digital Agency

Undertaking a website project integrated with a solid CRM and marketing automation tool can be an unnerving undertaking  for any company. But it’s particularly daunting for hospitals and healthcare organizations that tend to have multiple internal and external audiences to consider, many specialty care areas and must strictly adhere to patient privacy and regulatory requirements including HIPAA compliancy rules. With the stakes being high, selecting the right digital marketing agency  is crucial.

Here Are Five Key Attributes Healthcare Organizations Should Look For In A Digital Marketing Agency Partner:

1. Healthcare Expertise
It goes without saying that a deep understanding of today’s healthcare landscape is very important. This includes expertise in everything from industry-specific marketing tactics to the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance and the processes needed to preserve member privacy. In short, look for an agency that has an understanding of the sector and has had prior experience working with healthcare brands on healthcare website development and more. See our work with many brands in the healthcare space.

2. Successful Track Record
Once you identify an agency with healthcare expertise, put their work under a microscope. Have they built integrated marketing solutions for various healthcare organizations including  website builds, lead-generation funnels connected to a CRM, marketing automation programs, content strategies, etc? And most importantly, can they prove results? Be sure to partner with an agency whose track record in healthcare marketing  instills confidence.

3. Comprehensive Service Offerings
Developing an integrated marketing strategy connected to a solid infrastructure for a hospital or other healthcare organization tends to take a village. Beyond the robust legal and technical standards and requirements, it is best to work with an agency partner that gets the bigger picture - one that can provide user journey mapping and UX design, website design and development complete with lead-generation strategies . And it’s best when those core services can be provided by an organized group of experts under one roof.

4. Longevity & Stability
Since larger digital marketing strategies incorporating many different programs and tools typically take many months to complete, and often stretch into years with ongoing support, it’s highly advisable to work with an established and stable agency that will be there for the duration. In addition to longer track records that can be reviewed and judged, established agencies also tend to have highly-developed processes and methodologies that have proven themselves over time.

5. Ongoing Services & Support
Launching a new digital marketing strategy is just the beginning. From the second your website is live, your marketing automation programs running, your lead funnels converting - information should be collected, feedback gathered, and stats measured. That’s why it’s important to find an agency partner that can provide the ongoing services and support you need, including everything from SEO and paid search advertising to content development and social strategy.

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For close to 20 years, we’ve been honing our skills and expanding our services to help organizations from all backgrounds – many in the healthcare space – deliver engaging brand experiences. We have worked on many large hospital website development projects and have set up numerous healthcare marketing automation programs. (And in case you’re curious, Rhythm scores a 5 out of 5 on the list above.)

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