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If Content is King, Why is it Still an Afterthought for Many Brands?

While it's often said that content is king, it's generally treated like an archduke -- significant for sure, but not paparazzi-worthy. Typically, a great deal of thought goes into the layout, look and feel of a website (as it should), while its content remains an afterthought -- a component to be shoehorned in once the architecture is approved. Not only is this odd, it's exactly backward. After all, the ultimate reason current and prospective customers visit a website is to gather information (content) on a company, product or service. What your company has to say (or not say) is vital. As such, content should drive your site, not ride along like a disinterested passenger.

Content can take many forms including video, infographics, presentation decks, mobile apps, webinars, blog posts, and of course, the website copy itself. But simply having content isn't enough to (returning to a royal analogy) secure the realm. Like kings, content isn't created equal. For every wise and benevolent ruler, you get an ineffective weakling (I'm looking at you Prince Edward from Braveheart). Of course, your content won't cause kingdoms to fall, but if it fails to connect with your customers, it may just feel that way.

Finally, keep in mind that no matter what form your content takes, simple sells. In today's 140-character world, economy matters. Put your content into context. Keep it relevant, keep it interesting, and keep it short. Nike didn't say, "If you feel like doing it, that would be pretty darn cool." They said "Just Do It." And so should you.

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