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Google Glass: Terrifying or Kick Ass?

I will admit it...I am addicted to my iPhone. It's like a part of me. When I am without my faithful companion, I feel lost, disconnected from the world. With my iPhone, I feel like I can access a wealth of information with a simple slide of a finger or polite request of Siri. It's pretty amazing how far mobile technology has come in a relatively short period of time. And now, Google Glass has taken this need for connection a step further and in my opinion, this step is just a little too awkward for my liking.

I mean, what isn't awkward about wearing completely unstylish glasses that you need to talk to? It was odd enough when bluetooth came to the scene. You saw people everywhere talking to the coffee shop, at the gym on the stairclimber, in the car next to you. That little headpiece was always hidden. But now we have Google trying to push their latest fashion accessory that connects us to the Internet wherever, whenever without the need of powering our smartphones (we just all look like a bunch of crazies wearing seriously awful glasses).

Since Google started working on this technology, organizations, businesses, even municipal districts have started to think about how this type of technology would impact their business. Already casinos, hospitals, educational institutions, bars (think strange stalker situation), strip clubs, banks, gyms, dressing rooms/locker rooms, have prohibited the use of Google Glass by patrons. Oh, and the government has said that Google Glass is not allowed behind the wheel (so I guess no Google Glass in the Google car).

The review articles that have been written have been insightful and the parodies down right hilarious. Take a look at a few of my favorites.

Besides being a complete fashion failure, what do you think of Google Glass? Would you pay $1,500 for a pair? Myself, they better partner with Oakley or Kate Spade before I consider it. Their partnership with Warby Parker is a step in the right direction.