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Rhythm: 20 Years of Digital Innovation & Insights

With 2016 marking Rhythm's 20-year anniversary, Craig Cooke, Rhythm CEO, sat down with Richard Franzi, the host of Critical Mass Radio, to explore the history of Rhythm - the journey the agency has taken, the learnings along the way and what the future holds for the growing agency.

The agency was formed when the Internet was born - back in 1996. Founders Craig Cooke and Peter Bohenek lived to rock. Their passion for music combined with a fascination for technology and strong confidence in the many opportunities this "world wide web" thing presented, not only gave Rhyhtm its start, but also the agency's name.

In 1996, Rhythm was laser-focused on the music industry and helping independent musicians connect with their fans online and sell CDs via e-commerce websites. While Rhythm was innovative in its approach, the Internet was in its infancy and many consumers were cautious about purchasing online.

Still, brands saw where business was headed and knew they needed an online presence - through a website - and Rhythm was there to fulfill this need. In the early days, Rhythm helped many brands connect with their audiences online by designing and building websites. Rhythm often consulted with these brands on digital marketing strategies to drive attention to their online hubs and explore new and innovative solutions. Rhythm was really taking an integrated approach to marketing from the start and still is today.

Tune in to this episode of Critical Mass Radio to learn more about the history of Rhythm and where the agency is headed. Topics covered include:

  • How Rhythm helps brands decide which marketing strategies to employ, which channels to be active in. (9:43)
  • What is it about the culture of Rhythm that makes the agency a top place to work? (15:40)
  • How Rhythm stays relevant in a constantly evolving industry. (20:12)
  • What's ahead for Rhythm? (22:50)