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Good Design Takes On a New Focus

Good Design Takes On a New Focus

If you've ever shopped around for glasses, you might find yourself with many options, but limited prices to work with. Even if you do find the perfect frames, the prices are so high you begin to wonder: Should I get the latest iPhone, instead? I mean with the iPhone your vision is seriously enhanced -- providing you with a much broader vision of what's happening via Facebook or Instagram rather than relying on your not-so-perfect eyesight.

Lucky for you, Warby Parker presents this entire process through a different lens and fashionably.

Imagine having a glasses store right at your doorstep. No need to hassle with getting dressed, searching the address on your map app and driving all the way to the brick and mortar establishment. Instead, you can pick up to five frames you like and have them delivered to your home, free of charge.

It's not only Warby Parker's process that makes it easy to pick and choose your glasses, but the UI (user interface) which immerses the audiences into a true and tangible experience that even skeptics of online shopping can't ignore.

But what does this have to do with good design? Simple. When design takes a focus on purpose and strategy, it will always deliver a clear picture.

Warby Parker's purpose is easy to understand: Provide a high-fashion product, for a low cost. Considering the company is only an online store, this makes perfect sense. They can spend less time worrying about distributors and the middle-man, while focusing on what matters to the consumers the most: Why they should buy the product. So e-commerce strategists better take notes because Warby Parker's aesthetics reflects its own ambitions.


This is a perfect example of providing content that is not only useful, but helpful for consumers. The images speak for themselves, leaving potential buyers with no questions, about what the product will physically look like.


If the 180 degree of imagery was not enough to help convince buyers, Warby Parker also offers a live preview, where you can project yourself wearing the product.


Notice something different about this product gallery? Special offers and announcements are subtly inserted into the product listings, instead of being blasted into the user's face. The days of giant flashing images or blaring sounds are not necessary. Good design will naturally lead audiences to seek more.

The greatest lesson, to take away from Warby Parker is how they cut out the unnecessaries. They provide content that is helpful, products that are high quality, and cater to the online-shopping experience.

I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up" - Jack Kerouac

So the next time you find yourself venturing into the e-commerce industry, remind yourself: Good design is only the undercurrent of a strong business strategy and a well-organized purpose.