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Nintendo Reigns Supreme in the Gaming World

Research has shown that gaming has increased in popularity in recent years, especially with this down economy. I received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it. I must admit I am a little biased. I have always preferred Nintendo over other gaming consoles, mostly for ease of use and game options (hello, Mario). The way I see it, buying a Wii pays for itself over time, since it can bring people of all ages together for some good, clean fun. Instead of going out and spending money at the movies or going to the mall, anyone can sit in the comfort of their home and enjoy. It got me thinking about how the Nintendo brand has established itself in the marketplace, and I did a little research. Their website is a clean, bright collection of its consoles and games, complete with an online store. Turns out, Nintendo has always been a pioneer with gaming technology offerings. Their brand focuses on consoles that serve multiple audiences, and have games that correspond to each. I have noticed both young and old partaking in the Wii madness that has ensued since it was released in 2006. People waited in line, fought with other consumers, even committed crimes to obtain one of these magical game systems. I read a lot in the news about how the Wii ‘saved Christmas’ by creating a buzz in the marketplace. Jesse Divinich, an Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst, predicted that around $3.2 million Wiis were sold in the United States in December 2008 alone. That is astronomical! The demand for Wiis in particular is still high, with many stores getting small shipments each day and selling out before that day is over. Several popular games, such as Mariokart, are still sold out from months of holiday shoppers pillaging local Best Buys, Fry’s Electronics and Target stores nationwide. The demand for innovative and fun gaming is still very high, and I expect it to stay that way for some time. If you haven’t experienced the Wii yet, go out there and do so!