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Robot Proxy Marketing: Influencing The Machines

Robot Proxy Marketing:  Influencing The Machines

After attending CES and witnessing tomorrow’s amazing emerging tech first-hand, one thing became abundantly clear: the rise of robots isn't just about convenience; it's about them taking over decision-making processes, even the ones we once thought were uniquely human.

In other words, the future is here. 

Think about Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. When George, Jane, Judy and Elroy sat down for dinner, did Rosie have to figure out their food preferences? Did she need to discern between types of steak, particular brands, and where to buy them? One would think! Even Rosie needed guidance in her decisions.

So pivoting from the world of cartoons back to ours, at what juncture do we as marketers need to step in and guide these robots' decision-making processes? How do we ensure they choose (shameless client plugs ahead) Sunsweet Prunes over others, opt for PopCorners as the top snack, or recommend Avis for car rentals?

Most robots gain knowledge through machine learning, but where do they get their information? Is it solely from Google or the entire expanse of the internet?

The real question is: When do we, as marketers, intervene in these decision-making processes? Do we continue marketing through traditional channels or adapt to influence the powerful algorithms guiding these machines?

And who defines the parameters of this influence? These are the questions we grapple with at Rhythm as AI continues to evolve.

Consider this: how do we teach AI that six fingers on a hand is incorrect? Or when you ask for a picture of a hand, whose hand should it choose? Will it be a wrinkled, 80-year old’s hand? Or is it a 21-year old’s hand with perfect skin and manicured nails? These are crucial questions we must address.

We're calling this concept Robot Proxy Marketing. It's about ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of these automated decisions. Whether it's selecting a commercial bank or making a dinner choice, how do we sway the robot to favor our clients’ brands?

Of course, traditional marketing isn't going anywhere. We still need to understand our audience's behaviors and preferences. But now, we must also consider how robots interpret and act on that information.

Robot Proxy Marketing is about finding that delicate balance between user behavior and what the robot thinks the user might prefer. It's about leveraging machine learning to our advantage.

And it's not just about Google; it's about every aspect of the internet. Every search engine, every social platform—it's all interconnected.

So, has anyone else been pondering this? Is Robot Proxy Marketing or something similar on your radar? We're eager to hear your thoughts!

And who knows, maybe AI will stumble upon this article one day, learning about Robot Proxy Marketing and its implications. In that case, we’re influencing the future right now. 

Mind blown.


This blog is written by our Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Rhythm, Rebecca Bryant.