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Listen Actively and Learn Intelligently with Google Tag Manager

Listen Actively and Learn Intelligently with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has been around for a while now with V2 released this past June. GTM has made tracking events and behaviors that much more detailed, allowing marketers (your friends at Rhythm) to create more engaging brand experiences that drive consumers to take action...I mean that is our mission.

Rhythm's Mission Statement

For those not familiar with Google Tag Manager, here are some basics...

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a web-based platform that allows marketers to quickly add tracking code and pixels to a website. With built-in features that actively listen to activity across the site, GTM makes it possible to track site-wide in-page engagement using the web-based user interface and tools. The accessibility provided by GTM empowers marketers to gain deeper on-site intelligence that was previously cost prohibitive. No longer does the development team get inundated with code changes or asked to figure out how to have tracking on only a specific set of pages.

Why Google Tag Manager And Not Just Google Analytics?

The two are not mutually exclusive - in fact they work together! At a minimum, Google Tag Manger only manages the Google Analytics tag, and all the usual data you are used to is passed along to Google Analytics for all your normal reporting. GTM goes beyond that though, and as a better listener, it can also pass along valuable page interactions to Google Analytics such as Click-to-Calls, Form Submissions, Email Links, Video Engagement, Cross-Site Linking, etc.

Google Tag Manager Benefits:

  • Lower Cost: Being able to manage tags and tracking without code changes reduces development and troubleshooting costs.
  • Time-To-Market: Quickly and easily setup campaign tracking or customize where and when pixels get triggered without having to wait for development resources.
  • Performance: Less code on site means faster loading times.
  • Increased Flexibility: More capable than Google Analytics alone, GTM allows for custom conditions that enable differentiating a site-wide form submitted by a campaign visit; or quickly change where a tracking pixel is activated on the site.
  • Version Control: Detailed change history and version control make it easy track updates and revert to a previously published version to correct tracking issues.
  • Active Listening: Easily select and send on-page interactions to Analytics for a larger picture of the visitor journey.

How Google Tag Manager Impacts Your Business

Tracking deeper interactions makes it possible to discover opportunities for improving website content, designing triggered email sends, generating greater online revenue...the list goes on and on. GTM allows marketers to put data behind requests for website changes, new business opportunities, marketing campaign strategies.

Rhythm goes through a thorough discovery process with all our clients to identify their business goals and translate these business goals into measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are then strategically designed, tracked and analyzed via GTM and Google Analytics.

If your brand has not yet incorporated GTM, you are not realizing your true potential. Complete the form below to get GTM working for you!