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Pinterest: Cute as a Button

Hosting a baby shower or birthday party is similar to developing a creative campaign. Throughout all touch points, the theme must be well integrated for an effective experience. The invitation is the first touch point with your audience and sets the tone for the entire party. Then the experience continues once your audience is at the party, engaging with the food, decorations, games and overall atmosphere. And finally, the post experience occurs when they receive the thank you card.

As a marketer, it's critical that I throw amazing parties that become effective experiences for my audiences. After all, I need to protect my own brand as a good hostess and party thrower.

After hosting many baby showers and birthday parties throughout my life, I felt a little pressure in February when my cousin asked me to throw her a baby shower. Why the pressure you ask? Well, this was her second shower and she didn’t want to reveal the baby's gender. After having thrown so many parties, I was out of ideas! So I decided to dust off my Pinterest account and log in to search and see what new ideas people were raving and posting about. I was amazed by the variety of images that were posted, the creativity, craftiness and inexpensive ways to develop them. The ideas were endless from banners, desserts such as cake pops, candy bar suggestions, and simplified games.

The one theme that stood out the most to me was "cute as a button" as the variety of colors weren't focused on one particular gender and the main theme (buttons) was inexpensive to implement. Check out the pics below that fueled my inspiration.

My cousin was very happy with her shower and I continued my streak of well-themed integrated parties. But I can't help think that I shot myself in the foot because right after the shower, my friend asked if I would throw her a baby shower in June.

Logging in to Pinterest now...